Monday, September 30, 2013

Wazzup Pilipinas Wins As One of the Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs of 2013

Mr. Ross del Rosario

I was formally introduced with Wazzup Pilipinas during the Manila International Book Fair. My perception of the group was it was make up of a good number of people and bloggers especially its founder Ross Flores Del Rosario.

After just a week or two I heard that Wzzup Pilipinas was recognized as one of the top emerging influential blogs. I was not actually suprisped that it was so.

Wazzup Pilipinas is a community blog open to all who would like to contribute worthy articles that help promote events, happenings, products, places, advocacies and opinions that are of interest to the Filipino people. Its primary goal is to keep its readers well-informed and updated with current events, and the latest trends and issues, in the Philippines.

Wazzup Pilipinas has also made several "bloggers events" arrangements for many companies and individuals who required the participation of bloggers in their online promotions. The number of events organized by Wazzup Pilipinas has reached more than a hundred already and counting.

Wazzup Pilipinas has also currently maintained a staggering number of page views reaching a peak of more than 18,000+ on a single day and an average of 4,000+ daily views. (The statistics improves everyday so this may no longer be the actual data after a few days).

M.Y. Consipracy

Over the weekend I was stressed with people taking pride on something they have not any accomplishment with. They just associated themselves to people who have done their best and won in their respective fields. They are Megan Young and Mitoy Yonting.

 There was a conspiracy theory going around that the initials of M and Y have an auspicious thing. Well most of these people were not thinking about confirmation bias as well as coincidence. I wanna scream at people and say that is taking your fantardism far too much and is fucking annoying.

Generally I have no problem with contests in themselves because they celebrate our humanity. As I realized each competition highlights a certain aspect of humanity; be it talent or beauty. Contestants of any competition have devoted their so called three Ts (Time, Treasure and Talent) and for winning above the rest means that they have really achieved something. And for us spectators we can appreciate that and make better ourselves on a higher standard possessed by people.

Friday, September 27, 2013

A stamp! *bow*

If a stamp can talk, here is what he's gonna say:

Soliloquy of a postage stamp

Events for the weekend September 28 and 29, 2013

There are tons of events happening at the Mall of Asia. Just be there and you would see them. I for one is not interested at all. I am curious but I would not dare go there this weekend. I bet I am allergic to famewhores, women who use their bodies to be objectified as well as men who drool over over exposed skins and ideas about health as what marketing bullshit wants to sell on their products and ideas. But if you want just go.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Belief and knowledge

Many people are still confused with the terms atheist, theist, gnostic and agnostics especially when words are put together. Here is a simple explanation of the terms in use.

Source: Pablo Stanley (via BoingBoing)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why Pinoys love doors?

The thing I want to do with door lovers!
I always wonder about why Pinoys are so obsessed with doors in general. Maybe there is a theory on this. I had to find out.

Today like many other days, the elevators on our stinky building broke again. There were only two elevators working. I didn't want to be squeezed into a cramped elevator with people I don't like. Yes most of the people who work on the same floor with me and the rest of the annoying know it all asshole ESL teachers of the other floors.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rainy September Postal Heritage Tour

Unlike many tours who cancel with little rain like last month the tour went as usual. I used all means and ways not to get wet but a jeep in Quezon bridge ruined my plot not to get really wet. We went to the usual routes and we had a good number of participants despite the heavy rains and the strong winds.

We covered the Manila Central Post Office, the National Press Club, Puerta Isabel, Plaza Mexico, Maestranza, Plaza Espana, the Manila Collectible Company, Bahay Tsinoy and the Metropolitan Theater.

See the tour had a lot of places to cover and there is the factor of the rains as well. Just enjoy some of the pictures I took this month.

Andres Bonifacio

The Mabuhay Restop Fiesta

I thought it was hard to find the Mabuhay Restop in Rizal Park. I have been to the area many times especially the Chess area. Yup I am one of those guys listening and talking about things most people only talk about when they are drunk.

It was a quite rainy weekend again and by the time I was at the place I was quite soaked already. The place is not hard to miss and entering their glass doors you are welcomes to the warmth of a Filipino Restaurant with brochures and items that are distinctly Filipino.

The reception area

Free Heritage Lecture in ADMU

Source: Facebook

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
Institute of Philippine Culture, and the
Southeast Asia Program of the
School of Social Sciences,
Ateneo de Manila University

cordially invite you to

UNESCO World Heritage, Identity,
& Economic Development

Monday, September 23, 2013

Two awesome sites for your essay

Students like me (when I was studying) like to cram and do other things than their essay. Now there is this nice site called Essay Typer. So what is it?

The About page

It could be of great help for those who are having a hard time to start their essay. But I hope you don't really copy-paste everything like most student do nowadays.

Another site that would be helpful is: How to Cite Social Media in Scholarly Writing

Now you know how to cite those social netwoking sites for your studies. Now where did I hear all of these? Of course Facebook through my smart friends.

Another case of #Sottocopy

Well I got to put a hashtag on that (not a ring). Plagiarism has been something the great Senator Sotto is known for ever since the fight for the RH Law. In many sense it is wrong I don't need to even explain the reason why.

So on the news is this student of UP has been doing this for sometimes now and it seems nothing has been done. If we didn't hear the news on Facebook then this would have just passed away. I think he is on the same grounds now with our great Senator Sotto.

More #Sottocopies!

More information? UP student plagiarizes prize-winning photos

Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend activities for September 20 and 21, 2013

It's always raining these days. I suggest that you always have an umbrella but not the small one that folds but the big ones. The rains can be hard with strong winds since I heard there is a storm somewhere up north of the country. Don't forget to wear sandals or your favorite tsinelas (flip tops/sandals).

Be sure to also drop off Binondo, I bet there are some more of those mooncakes you so crave for since the Mooncake just finished.

Intramuros Pasyal Sunday

Latag sa Kanto

On movies and their soundtracks

There are movies that you will always watch because you feel good watching them. Maybe you have this sense of "good" as you watch familiar scenes that made you sigh more than five times in 2 minutes. I am guilty of watching certain movies over and over like a million times. That remind me of the song "Like we used to" by A Rocket to the Moon.

But I take things further. Most movies have songs and I try my best to look for the movie soundtracks especially the songs that were being played especially on certain scenes. Evereytime I hear the songs I remember my favorite scenes as well.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dawkin's Autobiography

An Appetite for Wonder
by Richard Dawkins
If you are an atheist like moi, you have crossed and may have used the name Richard Dawkins many times. In fact you may have read his books especially God Delusion.

The new book is an autobiography of the Dawkins. The book says a lot of things about him already, An Appetite for Wonder. It shows his great desire of learning and science but I am not sure if still has strong words to say about religion.

The book is coming soon and might even hit some bookstores here in Catholic Philippines.

More news about the new book: An Appetite for Wonder by Richard Dawkins – digested read

I think I am now officially a blogger

Last Wednesday was my unofficial start as a blogger blogger. I mean my blog has beep up for such a time now but I never considered it something really serious but something I just do.

So at the Bookfair I was introduced by a friend to try blogging for Wazzup Pilipinas. So I said yes with tons of hesitation. I mean, me writing? No way I am just an idiot with lots of weird things to say about.

So my true blogging experience and somehow officially was last Saturday at a Japanese Restaurant. It was an event I was not supposed to go to because my plan was to be lazy and immobile as possible. But with pressure I gave in to my friends insistence.

It was a fun event with lots of bloggers with a game I won because we were asked to make an origami. I was quite familiar with origami and following pictures are not that hard for me. I won a sports bottle for that. When I was like, maybe I can't do this but I was.

Trying an Izakaya at Malate

Despite the rainy day, the warm welcome and ambiance of Izakaya Kenta is a pleasant escape from the cold and wet.
The simple facade of the restaurant

Friday, September 13, 2013

War in Zamboanga and Dengue

Clam down gays, no need for a beki (gay) wake.
Well people are being used and killed by the MNLF in Zamboanga, our famewhoring rebel group in Mindanao. This is also despite the endless peace talks over the so called leaders and their petty and stupid demands with the government. But who gets more news? Kris Aquino, the UAAP, Cosmo Bachelors gay shit and Tom Rodriguez.

It's like the media is so dependent on showbiz for news that people will and can handle. Well most people don't want bad vibes about war so the easy thing to do is pray for Tom Rodriguez and indeed God listened and saved Tom Rodriguez but not the people who were shot in Zamboanga.

I think this time Tom Rodriguez wins the ratings!

I mean I have no want for these celebrities taken out of the lime light but media should give priority to what really matters. And you wonder why people are stupid. Indeed TV has become the boob tube.

Who is Tom Rodrgues? Read here: Sakit na dumapo kay Tom Rodriguez, nakumpirma na

Weekend activities for September 14 and 15, 2013

Saturday is here again and after you hav had your pay Friday the 13th, its time to enjoy and use those hard earned money on something, the best thing we have learned from the Americans and the consumerist culture buying things. But why buy things at the mall when you can also buy stuff and help at the same time? Where? Go to Escolta this Saturday.

Source: Facebook
RSVP: Just go and be at Escolta. Yes google map will show you where.

The Manila International Bookfair is still on going so drop by at the SMX Mall of Asia and meet your favorite authors in person and maybe some other special guest they have at the booths.

What did I get from the Manila International Book Fair

Aside from seeing familiar faces and friends. The Manila International Bookfair is also a place where you can get lots og good stuff for the right price and as well as everyone's favorite - FREEBIES.

Who doesn't like FREEBIES? At the Fari there are lots of FREE stuff you can get for the just paying a very cheap entrance fee of Php 20.00.

There are magazine samples that are given at many booths. The unending blatant show of big discounts and maybe this the place where you can find that rare book you are looking for. Just ask around and everyone is really friendly.

So what did I get from this year? FREE Postcards and old books.

Colored powder

There are things that are just too common that people don't even talk about it. In the music video of Regina Spektor "Fidelity" two people are throwing colored powder on each other. I have also seen many festivals and events that use such powders but I know they are not just colored powder.

Now I was able to learn about it, some people call the stuff Gulal powder and is often associated with the Holi Festival in India. From stuff I read online most of the colorants used before were natural dyes but now synthetic dyes are also used.

The best thing to throw at other I think is colored powder

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Travelling a maze of bookstores

The latest book fair this year seemed less bright compared to last year. In fact it was plain and simple. Could be a sign of a dying book industry? Well they better start learning how to market their books well since we know that digital books are really not ours and is not survive better than real books. 

The area is huge, its of course the SMX convention and this event happens just once a year. It gathers all the big and small book sellers and distributors of the land (I think of Metro Manila) in one place. 

It's a good opportunity for schools, educators for the latest books and materials for teaching as well as developments in teacher education. 

If you are a book lover most of the books you need are in one place (and at most) at a decent discounted price. You will go broke if you are a bookworm. But for me with a limited budget its a nightmare where you have nice books but still can't buy them. 

I joined with a friend Rence Chan and also the media group Wazzup Pilipinas

Huge signage at the ceiling

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking the MRT with an artista

So during an out pour yesterday some of the streets of Manila were once a full with trash and excess rainwater. Many people again were stuck in EDSA and in many places. This is also the time when most people on social media would rant and rave about the traffic situation as well as the floods.

It's kinda weird since this things happens all the time and it seems as if people are still shocked about it. I used to take the MRT and I think most of the people also take the MRT and we don't really feel special about doing such. In fact we have bad experiences in it, especially dealing with liquid bodily shit and smells.

At the same time fame whores and bitches always take any opportunity to take pictures of themselves taking public transportation like the MRT. It has been done by Anne Curtis-Smith but on a regular day. I mean we know people are honest when they want to take public transportation as opposed to people who just want to attract attention.

Now we have a queen of all STD, big mouthed nonsense and over sensationalized drama bitch -Kris Aquino.

Now I wanna puke!

#selfie at the MRT
Source: Instagram of Kris Aquino

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lazy days

It's been days and I have really nothing new or interesting happening in my life. Maybe for some people they find my life interesting.

So some updates from my boring life in Manila. I am growing up cherry tomatoes now since all my thyme decided to die on me. I also planted some other herb. I can;t remember now what it is but the cherry tomatoes have sprouted.

I also have two orchids now since I don't know what happened to the last one I got. Most of the time I am just at home watching downloaded movies on my broken laptop.

Be ready for books tomorrow

Tomorrow is the start of the Manila International Book Fair which I also call the Christian Book Fair because the best deals you can get is from the Catholic and Christian Bookstores as well as other religions. But be sure to be ready and know where to get to your favorite sellers.

Click to enlarge
Source: Facebook

Friday, September 6, 2013

Weekend Activities for September 6 to 8, 2013

I am not sure if its going to be a rainy or hot weekend. We are as clueless as PAG-ASA is with the weather.

For PNU people there is a benefit concert on at 6:00 PM at the University Quadrangle featuring Itchyworms and Silent Sanctuary.

Source: PNU site

There is also a book fair kinda starting off the coming big book fair next week

Source: Facebook
You also need to splurge your money on yarns you knitting and crchet fans at the Cloeective starting this Sunday until the 14th.

Source: Facebook

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jeepney ride

Before when I was living in Makati my jeepney ride is always easy and short. That I think is related on how I have been used to taking that ride for more than 20 years or so. The familiar always sticks to me somehow.

Now I stay in Manila. I take a different route and most of my travel takes place in the jeepney.
Jeepney postcard from Papemelroti

So how do I travel from Samaploc to Ortigas? I go out of my house usually on or before 12:00 PM. I walk out of Loreto going to Magsaysay Boulevard. I pass by a Mercury Drug at the cornet street, go under the Magsaysay flyover to the SM Savemore-Nagtahan. God, these SM places are getting more and more of an eyesore than of help.

Often times I see the interesting students of many schools here. For some weird reason SM is also a magnet for students especially of PUP and others. So ignoring people as music pumped through my old iPod I pass other establishments like UNITOP (its like a shopping mall with China made products) and a small Mini-Stop Convenience Store. It's a five minute walk because of the flyover.

Often times there is a MMDA traffic enforcer at the jeepney stop (or the place I take the ride at the foot of the flyover near a tributary of the Pasig River). Jeepney stop that is just one word I invented, for jeepneys stop anywhere they want or where the people want them to or sometimes both.

I take a jeepney with the sign Pasig Palengke. I pay 14 pesos. I had to have an exact amount most of the time because there are drivers who are stubborn and forgetful about your change. The jeep will go straight Magsaysay Boulevard passing interesting buildings and structures like the trash looking LRT 2 Pureza Station, Sta. Mesa Post Office, and some of the interesting Guitar shops at Sta. Mesa before turning right on V. Mapa, with its isles of trees and plants.

It turns right again at Old Sta. Mesa then to Reposo. I find it odd that there is always a garbage truck near that Town and Country Motel. Yes motels is the cheap place where most Pinoys get their fuck most of the time.

Now we turn left passing a small portion of Valenzuela Street going back to V. Mapa. This second part of V. Mapa and it turns into P. Sanchez with its rising condos and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

At Sevilla Bride I always see some informal settlers in their small carts of wood and their stash of trash. The same goes with the bigger tributary of black water peppered with trash of all sorts. Again some pots of plants are put in here as you approach Kalentong where many passengers alight or even get in. This is also the bottle neck of traffic. There is also the Jose Rizal University a few walks away.

By passing Sevilla Bridge I am already on another street and that is Shaw Boulevard. The nicest part of the jeep trip is going through Acacia Lane. It has large trees on both sides and provides fresh air and some cold after the minutes of wasted time on concrete roads. But as the jeep turn to Fabella all those green trees are replaced by yellow walls (Is it?) to cover all the disturbing realities of Mandaluyong to end with the stinkiest public market ever - the Mandaluyong Public Market II. Despite the small size it can really overwhelm any garbage dump.

Then it goes through F. Martinez and back to Shaw Boulevard. This time I have a sense of being near work but its still a bit far. Now the road at least remains straight. I go down before the jeep goes on the flyover at the place called Crossing.

I walk from here passing under the flyover and going wither through Shangri-la MAll or SM Megamall until I reach the stinking building Tycoon at Pearl Drive.

Travel varies from time to time but usually takes less than an hour.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos

The book speaks of itself on the back with words:

The Untold Story of Imelda Marcos is known as the martial law book because the Marcoses' attempted to ban it. Instead it encouraged activists especially among the young. It foreshadowed the peaceful revolution that would topple the regime in 1986. It sold more than 300,000 copies around the world. 

Recently Carmen Navarro Pedrosa released the 2013 version of her 1969 book. I have no idea how this edition is different from the first issue from 1969 and copies of the original print are quite expensive and hard to come by (the same goes with many of the so called Martial Law books).

The story is engaging and interesting especially for people who were not there to witness the rise of Imelda Romualdez Marcos. It's an easy read and at the same time will make you hooked and entertained (to some extent) about the so called Cinderella life of Meldy (as she often called dearly by friends and her relatives).

So am I going to give details? Nope. I want you to get a copy since I heard there would only be 1000 copies for this edition.

This book would be a great part of any Filipiniana collection. And as a reader it should be.

2013 Edition

1969 Edition

There is another book written by Carmen Navarro Perdosa called the Rise and Fall of Imelda Marcos. Another interesting book I want to read is Imelda and the Clans by Beatriz Romualdez Francia.

About the author:

(Details lifted from the book, I find it weird that description of her online are so few)

Carmen Navarro Pedrosa began her career in journalism in 1962 as a cub reporter for the Manila Chronicle. She went to Tokyo in 1963 to work as a stringer correspondent for the United Press International and wrote the first article on Soka Gakkai, the most potent social-religius-political group in Japan for Asia Magazine in the series entitled "The Protest of the Small Man."

From 1964 to 1965 she was back at the Manila Chronicle and was assigned different beats from light features to foreign affairs. Late in 1965 she received the Thomson Foundation (The Thomson Group owns Reuters and formerly owned the Sunday Times and the Times of London) scholarship, the first Filipino to be awarded the grant. After a stint with the Thomson group, she was invited and visited the countries Great Britain, USSR, Federal Republic of West Germany and Israel. An account of those travels "Between Cities" was serialized in the Manila Chronicle

She and her family returned to the Philippines after a 20-year exile in London during the martial law. The book is being reprinted for the new generation . She is now a widow after her late husband, Ambassador Alberto A. Pedrosa who inspired the writing of this book died in August 2008. She has five children Veronica, Marta, Alberto, Ricardo, and Eduardo. She dedicated this book to them for their untiring support for an activist mother.

Wally Bayola and the scandal of Filipino stupidity

Yes, another scandal is on the loose. I thought the Chito Miranda scandal was disgusting in and of itself. Now we have Wally Bayola. People are busy wasting their time and intellect talking about it. Have I seen it? Nope, like I say I don't watch exotic porn. I am OK with regular porn.

Again people have taken up the position to judge and ridicule a celebrity and from time to time make fun of them. These are the only things that the Filipino intellect can handle - mindless scandals about celebrities and politicians. Problems? Like real world problems are always set aside for things like this. Talk about priorities. Dear Pinoys, it's not healthy!!!

Want to read more about how people in the Philippines think? Read the comments section: Poll: What Can You Say about This Sex Scandal?

Who is the next idiot who will have their sex scandal here in stupid Philippines?

Philippine Orchids on the Spotlight at the Orchid Show

Waking up early... ehem ... I really didn't sleep for fear of not waking up on time. I took up the LRT 2 and the MRT just to make it in time. I hate being late for things like this. I am finding it nice to explain my experience of things now by pictures. I wish sometimes I have a nicer camera but here is what I was able to take.

This area near the Lung Center is just so green. 

Huge trees here and there.

Like many other small tributaries, this one is trashed as well. 

Cars and trees at Quezon Ave. 

Poster for the Orchid Show

Now passing East Ave towards Quezon City Hall

Plaque at the underpass. 
The event is held at the so called Hardin ng mga Bulaklak at the Quezon Memorial Circle. The venue place is quite reduced in space as compared to the last show I attended from last year. This year most of the featured orchids are either unique or endemic to the country. But of course, there is the occasional species from abroad.

At the entrance you will see some of the publications of the Philippine Orchid Society.

Posters showing Philippine Orchids

Fern!!! Love them... 

Another large poster showing Philippine Orchids. There are some more some even giving more information about specific orchids. 
There was a contest for the Floral Designer Club of the Philippines which makes use of chairs and flowers. For me most of them look like fancy nature-like thrones a fairy or a muse would use.

Purple roses...

A seat of orchids, beat that bed of roses!

There is also a contest on flower arrangement. They used different ways and varied mediums including the ones use actual plants rather than cuttings. I was told that is the trend now, the use of live plants that can live longer compared to cut ones. I like that idea really well.

A terrarium arrangement. For me this is a winner! 

Octopus Orchid

I guess this won because of the Waling-waling. 

There is one regret I have over all of these beautiful flowers: I cannot remember all of their names and other information. But maybe being around them more often makes some of the flowers and plants more familiar.

Vanda sanderiana or the Waling-waling

Rice Orchid

The pollinators are here

Misplaced award

Detail of the misplaced award

Another misplaced label

A closer look at the misplaced label

That tree fern is more than a hundred. 

Closer look at the tree fern

Ms Susan Lee and her landscape

A big passion fruit

Passion fruit flower

Blue owls
Interested? I suggest you go ASAP the show will run until the 9th of September, 2013.

More information: Philippine Orchid Society