Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Why Pinoys love doors?

The thing I want to do with door lovers!
I always wonder about why Pinoys are so obsessed with doors in general. Maybe there is a theory on this. I had to find out.

Today like many other days, the elevators on our stinky building broke again. There were only two elevators working. I didn't want to be squeezed into a cramped elevator with people I don't like. Yes most of the people who work on the same floor with me and the rest of the annoying know it all asshole ESL teachers of the other floors.

But the question remains. Why are Pinoys so endeared to doors? I mean any kind of door. It can be the front door, the MRT doors, the elevator doors and so forth.As long as its a door Pinoys want to be near it even if they really have no reason to be near it.

Pinoys are very religious people and always adhere to tradition even though they don't understand what they are doing. Maybe since the ever growing population has started to cramp themselves into bulidings and cities this disease started to spread.

I call it a disease because its annoying. When I get into an elevator I go to the farthest end because I don't want to be a distraction to others. Maybe most Pinoys have no sense of others despite the claim that Pinoys are so. It's an enduring lie Pinoys tell themselves so they can feel good and noble. I say BULLSHIT!

And the matter gets worse during the so called rush hours. Imagine yourself a poor commuter wanting a fast way to go to somewhere in Makati. You take an MRT at Cubao. To your chock the platform is already crowded and the incoming train is full. The door opens and immediately people go in and out at the same time. While this is happening there are people who put themselves near the door even though they are gonna go down the last station. I don't get this at all. And this happens all the time.

The MRT has always given announcements on this before rides but their words seem unheard by the rest of the jejemons who take the MRT.

In my experience educating people about what should and shoudn't be done is always futile, and the same goes for putting laws an regulations with punishments. So I propose that the folliwng be done to make life easier for the rest of us and at the same time will make door loving Pinoys happy.

We add more doors. Imagine a train with only doors. No need for seats. It will be just a wall of doors. I bet the MRT or the LRT will never be crowded and you have more options where to get out. The same for elevators, jeepneys and others.

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