Monday, September 16, 2013

I think I am now officially a blogger

Last Wednesday was my unofficial start as a blogger blogger. I mean my blog has beep up for such a time now but I never considered it something really serious but something I just do.

So at the Bookfair I was introduced by a friend to try blogging for Wazzup Pilipinas. So I said yes with tons of hesitation. I mean, me writing? No way I am just an idiot with lots of weird things to say about.

So my true blogging experience and somehow officially was last Saturday at a Japanese Restaurant. It was an event I was not supposed to go to because my plan was to be lazy and immobile as possible. But with pressure I gave in to my friends insistence.

It was a fun event with lots of bloggers with a game I won because we were asked to make an origami. I was quite familiar with origami and following pictures are not that hard for me. I won a sports bottle for that. When I was like, maybe I can't do this but I was.

That gave me confidence and made me more open to enjoy and make the spirit of the event feel better. The atmosphere was friendly and warm as well as the people and friends.

I ate lots of meat that day something I really don't do since I am vegan and I felt so full even the next day after.

So now I am going to make myself be a bit more professional. Whatever that means. Here are the pictures I took during the event.

Well some of the pictures are the same for as the previous post but with some more inserted within. It kinda tells what are the things I remembered to take pictures of. Most of the time I am busy talking and conversing with people.

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