Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Taking the MRT with an artista

So during an out pour yesterday some of the streets of Manila were once a full with trash and excess rainwater. Many people again were stuck in EDSA and in many places. This is also the time when most people on social media would rant and rave about the traffic situation as well as the floods.

It's kinda weird since this things happens all the time and it seems as if people are still shocked about it. I used to take the MRT and I think most of the people also take the MRT and we don't really feel special about doing such. In fact we have bad experiences in it, especially dealing with liquid bodily shit and smells.

At the same time fame whores and bitches always take any opportunity to take pictures of themselves taking public transportation like the MRT. It has been done by Anne Curtis-Smith but on a regular day. I mean we know people are honest when they want to take public transportation as opposed to people who just want to attract attention.

Now we have a queen of all STD, big mouthed nonsense and over sensationalized drama bitch -Kris Aquino.

Now I wanna puke!

#selfie at the MRT
Source: Instagram of Kris Aquino

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