Friday, April 27, 2018

KnitCrate membership subscription box - March 2018

I have always thought about getting a yarn subscription online. I have watched many YouTube unboxing videos. I finally signed up for the KnitCrate box last March 21, 2018. I got my package last March 24, 2018.

The regular membership box contains the following: two skeins of specially hand dyed yarn, the pattern links, promo codes and details of the yarns, which also includes the shipping fee from the US.

Each month there would be a theme, for March 2018 it was Sugar sugar. They think of something that ties the yarn and also the free patterns. Yes, you will get two patterns, one for knitting and another for crochet.

The KnitCrate March 2018 membership box uses Uruyarn's Sugared Sock. This is a special yarn that is exclusively made by KnitCrate. The yarn is 70% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon, and 10% Stellina. It is a fingering yarn.

The regular membership box is USD 24.99 (the actual value of the whole package is at USD 63.00). And because I live in the Philippines there would be an additional fee once you receive the package. I think it is around Php 112.00. Not that bad since you are getting all of these including the shipping fee.

There is also stash points that will give you discount and amazing deals at the site.

Of course there are other membership crates for you: Sock Crate for USD 19.95, the Artisan Crate for USD 39.99, or the Sock Artisan Crate for USD 27.99.

Here is a link if you want to subscribe: here

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The hunt for Knitting books at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at World Trade Center

The event was held at the World Trade Center, Pasay City. The event is held by Big Bad Wolf from February 16th until the 25th. They are open 24 hours. So you wont need to deal with people. Yes, those annoying people who keep blocking isles and is just standing there for no apparent reason.

I left my house at around 1 AM and was there in the venue really fast. There was no traffic and less people. The only problem is that it is late and the evil monsters of Manila are alive and just lurking. Especially that the place is in an area that is often dark. So be careful and be always active, especially with pick pockets and robbers. Do not flash your valuables. Dress simple.

But gladly I made it safe to the venue. The place is still open and I am glad they are really open. There were some people waiting in front. While some like me are still coming in.

Yes, not so many people. Half of the lights are on. Darker than usual

I made my way to the entrance fast, which might be long if I came in during the day.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Horitkultura Filipina 2018: The biggest horticultural show ever!

The Philippine Horticultural Society of the Philippines (PHSI) will be having its biggest show this year. It will be showcase of art also plants from the country as well as the latest trends in the plant industry. They also have guest exhibitors from other countries.

The event is made through the help of the Quezon Memorial Circle Administration, the Quezon City Government, Del Monte Philippines, Nutri-Asia, Villar Foundation and also DTI.

The even will cover a large area of the Quezon Memorial Circle with many exhibits and events.
It will be from February 2nd until the 11th. But the best time to go is on the earliest dates and the lastest dates.

Hortikultura 2018 poster

There would be exhibits of wonderful plants and flowers and landscape exhibits and competition. There would also be a commercial area where you can buy some of the interesting plants shown.

What to expect at Hortikultura 2018

They also encourage people to join their lectures and seminars. They will be free if you pay the the very minimal entrance fee.

Lectures at the Hortikultura 2018

That is almost one-fourth of the whole area.

The whole extent of the event will be at the following: Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Tropical Garden, RUNNEX Garden, QCX and Rock Garden.

Event map for Hortikultura 2018

For more information please contact the PHSI secretariat:
look for Ms. Angel

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Musing about and trying the Slicktight Bubblegum Bastard Pomade

Humans have been playing with their hair for a long time already. People have used many things and stuff to keep their hair looking the same. Some products giving the needed style to keep for a long time and while others can be changed at whim.

It was not an easy process. When I was smaller old people used pomade. In the Tagalog area where I was born, the elders called it "pamada." It has that shinny look that stays long. It works well with the polished look of the start of the 19th century even way up to the end of the war that destroyed what is fashionable Manila.

When I got younger people used gels and hair sprays. I was born in the 80s. Yes, those crazy big hairs that people laugh at when you look at graduation albums. They used tons of hair products like gels and hair sprays to keep those perms and big hairs in place.

I never tried any hair products except shampoo and the occasional conditioner. I never liked the look of gel because it always reminds me of nose mucus. I think I tried it once or twice but I never really liked the feel of it.

For some weird twist of fate the pomade has made a come back. Of course, like any fashion trends people started to favor the good old clean look of the past. Which always reminds me of Frank Sinatra and his hair.

The other thing I remember about pomades is how they smelled before. People often told that pomades smell like old people.

Today I am trying the Slicktight pomade. They have lots of products that won't disappoint you and make you smell something from the past.

I got a hold of the Slicktight Bubblegum Bastard. It has a really nice and tasty smell. So good you want to start chewing on it. I hope no kid touches this because we all know how children are becoming more and more stupid these days. They might eat it and die. Which is good for me. Less stupid children, less stupid adults. 

Sorry, I got distracted there. This is an oil-based pomade is made from natural products. The ingredients include: Beeswax, castor oil, microwax, coconut oil, and fragrance oil.

It has a heavy hold and will do well in the crazy weather and streets of Manila. Just make sure you stay away from too much of the pollution. It will also stick to your hair. the good thing is that the smell of this product will be able to hold off the dirty smell.

The best thing about pomades is that it allows you to style your hair again and again throughout the day. Unlike other hair products. If your grandfather uses pomade give him some hip pomade.

A pomade also does not dry like gels, lasts longer. So I say give this product a try. Something old and yet something good. So glad I can style my hair without using those gels. Sorry, I just don't like gels.

Price: Php 350.00 (60 grams) < -- That is not expensive, just to look cool.

Also available are: All Skool Cola, Cool Mint, Strawberries and Cream, Vanilla Sandalwood, Sport, and Aqua. (Damn! I thought at first I was looking at an ice cream menu.)

They also have some awesome soaps, shampoo and combs.

Where can I get this? 
Slicktight website and store:
Call: +63-917-820-7360

They are also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Big Ben's Kitchen: A tribute to history and good food

All ideas that are great start with good intentions. With the proliferation of fast food and things that are foreign. Many people still long for the good old days and the food they grew up with.

That is the main goal of Big Ben's Kitchen and its owner Mr. Gene Guiterrez. With a recipe he got from his grandmother Teresita Sayoc-Reyes, they started the business in 1950.