Monday, September 30, 2013

M.Y. Consipracy

Over the weekend I was stressed with people taking pride on something they have not any accomplishment with. They just associated themselves to people who have done their best and won in their respective fields. They are Megan Young and Mitoy Yonting.

 There was a conspiracy theory going around that the initials of M and Y have an auspicious thing. Well most of these people were not thinking about confirmation bias as well as coincidence. I wanna scream at people and say that is taking your fantardism far too much and is fucking annoying.

Generally I have no problem with contests in themselves because they celebrate our humanity. As I realized each competition highlights a certain aspect of humanity; be it talent or beauty. Contestants of any competition have devoted their so called three Ts (Time, Treasure and Talent) and for winning above the rest means that they have really achieved something. And for us spectators we can appreciate that and make better ourselves on a higher standard possessed by people.

Another argument I heard is that contests promote something of an extreme. They are happen on very constricted environments and very unrealistic situations, which is not something useful in daily life. Our prime example here are quiz bees.

Generally I have no problem with contests themselves. I have a problem with contest fans, from reality TV contests to the simple amateur contests.

These people waste valuable time on things that they think will be good vibes for them (another annoying idea these days). And that these little things are the only things they can get from this harsh life. I wish they get their own lives.

Did I watch these shows? Nope I was just at home on the internet and yet people. These fantards have always done their sacred duties to inform me of things I don't care about. I am OK with what people like, its their choice. It's like religion, I am happy if you keep your religion to your self.

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