Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wally Bayola and the scandal of Filipino stupidity

Yes, another scandal is on the loose. I thought the Chito Miranda scandal was disgusting in and of itself. Now we have Wally Bayola. People are busy wasting their time and intellect talking about it. Have I seen it? Nope, like I say I don't watch exotic porn. I am OK with regular porn.

Again people have taken up the position to judge and ridicule a celebrity and from time to time make fun of them. These are the only things that the Filipino intellect can handle - mindless scandals about celebrities and politicians. Problems? Like real world problems are always set aside for things like this. Talk about priorities. Dear Pinoys, it's not healthy!!!

Want to read more about how people in the Philippines think? Read the comments section: Poll: What Can You Say about This Sex Scandal?

Who is the next idiot who will have their sex scandal here in stupid Philippines?

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