Friday, September 20, 2013

On movies and their soundtracks

There are movies that you will always watch because you feel good watching them. Maybe you have this sense of "good" as you watch familiar scenes that made you sigh more than five times in 2 minutes. I am guilty of watching certain movies over and over like a million times. That remind me of the song "Like we used to" by A Rocket to the Moon.

But I take things further. Most movies have songs and I try my best to look for the movie soundtracks especially the songs that were being played especially on certain scenes. Evereytime I hear the songs I remember my favorite scenes as well.

Here are some songs I have downloaded because of movies:

Someday (สักวันหนึ่ง) from "A Crazy Thing Called Love." Just the idea of this girl falling so in love with a cutie P'Shone (Mario Maurer).
You and Me (กันและกัน) from "Love of Siam." By now I am such a Mario Maurer fan to you.
The Significance of Travelling (旅行的意义) from "Miao Miao." This is the cutest LGBT movie ever, without the unsightly sex scenes. 
If I needed you from "The Broken Circle Breakdown. A wonderful and interesting love story of an atheist musician and his God-believing tattoo artist wife. Lots of bluegrass music. 
And so many more...

How about scary movies? I watch them once and that's it. lolz

I only watch a movie once. 

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