Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rainy September Postal Heritage Tour

Unlike many tours who cancel with little rain like last month the tour went as usual. I used all means and ways not to get wet but a jeep in Quezon bridge ruined my plot not to get really wet. We went to the usual routes and we had a good number of participants despite the heavy rains and the strong winds.

We covered the Manila Central Post Office, the National Press Club, Puerta Isabel, Plaza Mexico, Maestranza, Plaza Espana, the Manila Collectible Company, Bahay Tsinoy and the Metropolitan Theater.

See the tour had a lot of places to cover and there is the factor of the rains as well. Just enjoy some of the pictures I took this month.

Andres Bonifacio

A lion gargoyle spouting water.

A wet view of Liwasang Bonifacio

The sky has lots of water.

Marcos and Imelda Stamps

A dark window at the Post Office

An old memo from last year.

September and its Christmas already!

Our postman stand there.

The postman is always there

Mr. Rey de Jesus sharing all his knowledge about stamps.

Participants of the tour waiting for the rain to slow a bit.

A used penny blue on a cover. That is rare!

Galo mosaic and the historical market at the National Press Club

Memorial for the journalists of the Maguindanao Massacre

Water lilies at the National Press Club

Walking in the rain.

The Queen stands despite the rain

I tells the travels of this statue in Spanish.

The Merlion has been on the seal of Manila for hundreds of years.

Plaza Mexico abuzz with people.

The sad state of graffiti misplaced.

The  Aduana ruins.

The maestranza walls where the Royal warehouses have been.

Large interconnected chambers of the Royal Warehouse

Soon this place would be alive with life again.

Damn! It still rains outside.

going up the walls... 

A canon on a green background.

Up at the walls

Binondo on view of the walls.

Cheap reconstruction methods in the Philippines.

Plaza Espana with King Philip II

The King here waits in the rain.

Going now to the Manila Collectible Company.

Awesome products!

Our tour guide for today.

A little lesson on Tagalog vocabulary.

Good coffee and chocolates!

Native mats

Add caption

Native fabrics

Some Filipino costumes


Sungka a traditional game

Not voodoo dolls.

Another sarimanok.

A traditional string instrument.

Interesting paper mache of a cat

This is a big paper mache doll

An elaborate sunga and some small gongs.

Yey! Chocolate chess pieces!

Those who braved the rains.

Picture taken at TMCC

A replica of the terracotta warrior from China.

Shell collections

I have no idea what it says

Some rare shells

Going now to the MET

At one of the rehearsal rooms

Film rolls oxidizing and...

Sample wall of the MET

The new ballroom of the MET. Doesn't even look that nice.

Still the rains come here and there.

View of the outside

This is sad

This is the way going to Quezon Bridge.

Manila City Hall

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