Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Philippine Orchids on the Spotlight at the Orchid Show

Waking up early... ehem ... I really didn't sleep for fear of not waking up on time. I took up the LRT 2 and the MRT just to make it in time. I hate being late for things like this. I am finding it nice to explain my experience of things now by pictures. I wish sometimes I have a nicer camera but here is what I was able to take.

This area near the Lung Center is just so green. 

Huge trees here and there.

Like many other small tributaries, this one is trashed as well. 

Cars and trees at Quezon Ave. 

Poster for the Orchid Show

Now passing East Ave towards Quezon City Hall

Plaque at the underpass. 
The event is held at the so called Hardin ng mga Bulaklak at the Quezon Memorial Circle. The venue place is quite reduced in space as compared to the last show I attended from last year. This year most of the featured orchids are either unique or endemic to the country. But of course, there is the occasional species from abroad.

At the entrance you will see some of the publications of the Philippine Orchid Society.

Posters showing Philippine Orchids

Fern!!! Love them... 

Another large poster showing Philippine Orchids. There are some more some even giving more information about specific orchids. 
There was a contest for the Floral Designer Club of the Philippines which makes use of chairs and flowers. For me most of them look like fancy nature-like thrones a fairy or a muse would use.

Purple roses...

A seat of orchids, beat that bed of roses!

There is also a contest on flower arrangement. They used different ways and varied mediums including the ones use actual plants rather than cuttings. I was told that is the trend now, the use of live plants that can live longer compared to cut ones. I like that idea really well.

A terrarium arrangement. For me this is a winner! 

Octopus Orchid

I guess this won because of the Waling-waling. 

There is one regret I have over all of these beautiful flowers: I cannot remember all of their names and other information. But maybe being around them more often makes some of the flowers and plants more familiar.

Vanda sanderiana or the Waling-waling

Rice Orchid

The pollinators are here

Misplaced award

Detail of the misplaced award

Another misplaced label

A closer look at the misplaced label

That tree fern is more than a hundred. 

Closer look at the tree fern

Ms Susan Lee and her landscape

A big passion fruit

Passion fruit flower

Blue owls
Interested? I suggest you go ASAP the show will run until the 9th of September, 2013.

More information: Philippine Orchid Society

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