Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Mabuhay Restop Fiesta

I thought it was hard to find the Mabuhay Restop in Rizal Park. I have been to the area many times especially the Chess area. Yup I am one of those guys listening and talking about things most people only talk about when they are drunk.

It was a quite rainy weekend again and by the time I was at the place I was quite soaked already. The place is not hard to miss and entering their glass doors you are welcomes to the warmth of a Filipino Restaurant with brochures and items that are distinctly Filipino.

The reception area

Mr. Ross Flores del Rosario taking a pose.
The ground area has Filipino displays, a TV where they show Filipino related stuff and sometimes TV shows on the local channel. They also sell products and sold products help certain communities especially Gawad Kalinga.

They display wonderful pictures and 

works of Art
Food were served on the second floor that include fried fish fillet, sayote with shrimp, adobong kangkong , pancit, chicken binakol soup, chicken teriyaki , halo-halo. Their food is well tempered to the taste and will not be shockingly too sweet, salty or too fatty for people new to Filipino dishes.

Colorful glasses for your halo-halo

Mix your own halo-halo. Just my thing

I like it when food are prepared that way: simple and with a nice feel of home. Try their halo-halo because you can choose what you like and try not to add sugar because its sweet enough to be eaten in itself.

There was a snippet of a cultural presentation while eating dinner and sweets. It's a small part of their so called Mabuhay Fiesta. And indeed it's a presentation of culture we are so familiar with.

The show was hosted by the very talented Ms. Thea Gloria. I commend her since she did hosting, singing and dancing. I even have illusions that she might also be the cook. But that is just way too improbable. Then again its highly improbable.

Ms. Thea Gloria

She can do her hosting well

Fire dance

A dance that puts fire dancing and a traditional one.

Taking a break to have pictures with the guests.
There were of course song numbers and dance numbers as befits a fiesta.

A song number.
All earnings from the food and the products you buy will be of great help to the communities this Restaurant serves. They also provide tours at very good prices and empowers communities as well. Imagine eating good food can also help people.

The Mabuhay Restop is located in Rizal Park at South Drive near Mnaila Museum and the Museong Pambata.

Contact Information:
Phone: (02) 359-7927, 353-8752, 0917-810-8195
E-mail: info@mabuhayrestops.com
Website: http://www.mabuhayrestops.com

You cal also visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MabuhayRestop

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