Thursday, September 12, 2013

Travelling a maze of bookstores

The latest book fair this year seemed less bright compared to last year. In fact it was plain and simple. Could be a sign of a dying book industry? Well they better start learning how to market their books well since we know that digital books are really not ours and is not survive better than real books. 

The area is huge, its of course the SMX convention and this event happens just once a year. It gathers all the big and small book sellers and distributors of the land (I think of Metro Manila) in one place. 

It's a good opportunity for schools, educators for the latest books and materials for teaching as well as developments in teacher education. 

If you are a book lover most of the books you need are in one place (and at most) at a decent discounted price. You will go broke if you are a bookworm. But for me with a limited budget its a nightmare where you have nice books but still can't buy them. 

I joined with a friend Rence Chan and also the media group Wazzup Pilipinas

Huge signage at the ceiling

Just like a king.
One of the best booth in the Fair.

One of the many Christian bookstores

Php 100 for tons of titles
Like I have seen for many years Christian and Catholic bookstores are quite numerous in this event. But they are also the ones that sell the cheapest books and if you are lucky the authors are also there to sign your book.

Many places are like this, a library. 

Discounts almost everywhere.

Really cheap Catholic Books and Magazines

A bit pricier than the last but still very cheap.

The second most interesting seller in the Fair

A really nice modernist way of showcasing books. 
Honestly by the time you are at the middle of the Fair you have a feel of what you can buy for your money and what is available. Some titles come up quite often and some of the rare ones are also for sale. And yes there are freebies here are there, like coffee and water as well as POSTCARDS!


Free postcards!

Cheap Christian cartoons for kids.

Big signs announcing discounts at the IMF booth

A surprise guest at the Fair.

Very Filipino and festive like a fiesta.
I changed my mind. This is the best!

Tahanan is the tagalog word for home

A radio booth with a live interview of Ed Lapiz, a famous pastor.

A very colorful ad of Fully Booked for the Fair.

The latest Tagalog version of the Bible. 

PSICOM with their really cheap and popular books.

Yes, everything is for a hundred and there are freebies given here all the time.

Senator Sonny Angara with a "fan."

Opening performance by the Philippine High School for the Arts

Rep. Robredo talking about her favorite book character.

A really passionate speaker for the NBDC

Senator Angara speaking about his experience with his Dad bring him to this Fair before. 

Another song from a soprano of the Philippine High School for the Arts

The special guests of the Fair.

Diwa showcasing their interactive booth. 

Pens for sale!!!

An author posing with his book.

Rep. Robredo browsing through the booths.

Religious books

Each of the booths and sellers have their own way of getting buyers and attention so be watchful for prizes and FREEBIES and as well as famous authors and your favorite celebrities.

The Manila International Bookfair will be until the this Sunday September the 15th. 

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