Monday, September 16, 2013

Trying an Izakaya at Malate

Despite the rainy day, the warm welcome and ambiance of Izakaya Kenta is a pleasant escape from the cold and wet.
The simple facade of the restaurant

A bonsai and small pond at the entrance. 

A friendly staff to welcome guests

Manga, magazines and newspaper (not shown) are also available.

The whole area has a soft and yet warm feel that is good for some drinks after a hard days work as most izakaya in Japan really are, a place where workers go to drink and have some food.
Soft glow from Japanese lanterns and bamboo ceiling fixtures.

The owners Sakura Medina and Erwin Medina tried their best to come up with a place that is at close to what they have loved since they were young. They were born in Japan and knows a great deal about the Japanese culture. 

Sakura Medina, welcoming us to her wonderful restaurant.
The place is big with its consistency to make you feel at home, have fun and feel like you just stepped in a real izakaya. 

Subtle lighting and warm service.

Our chefs working hard and with passion.

They even provide sandals for visitors


A very spacious restroom.

Tables for customers.

A rock garden

Sample table set-up good for 7 people

First we are offered their iced tea as well as cold tea and then their awesome foods. Deliciously evil I say. 

Mugi cha (Cold tea)

Iced tea
To start any meal we had cold tea as well as iced tea. 

Supageti Sarada
A  Japanese styled pasta with fresh salad, a simple meal starter.

Potato Sarada
A simple potato salad again served with fresh vegetables. The good thing is that the vegetables they used in both dishes are fresh and compliments the eggy taste of the potato and pasta. 


Tako potato
Mixed nigiri-jou

Then we are give three interesting food samples.

The first one is a three piece meal of sashimi. There is Maguro (鮪) or Tuna, Hamachi (魬, はまち) or Yellowtail fish (A kind of jack fish), and then Ika (烏賊, いか) or squid. Then came the takoyaki looking dish but I know they are not the same. It's called tako potato and it's just a wonderufl simple dish that just explodes as you chew. Then followed by their sushi, which for me is hard to start since everything looks nice.

After those wonderful starters. Wait What? We are on the main dish? Yes, you heard me right.

Before the main dish is served we are given a short trip to the sushi bar to see how sushi is made.

The key to making santenmori is to make sure all the ingredients are fresh according to our Sushi Chef. You must make sure to have a good sharp knife and to hold the meat minimally, since he said our hands conduct heat and may affect the food. 

Tori karage

Gyu suteki

Asari miso soup

Gindara teriyaki
The main dish is served with a bowl of hot rice. We were given Tori karage or for the simple minded fried chicken. Their Tori karage is crispy and at the same time juicy. While the beef in their Gyu suteki is soft and sweet complimented with corn and fries. The Gindara teriyaki is a good marriage of softness and flavor from its sauce. Delicate but good. All of these enjoyed with a miso soup. 

By this time I was already quite full but we are not yet done. 

Since Izakaya is synonymous with drinking we were also served some hot and cold sake. I wasn't able to take pictures of us toasting the sake though. 

Cold sake at the table.

Now we are having some guilt time with this okonomiyaki which is something I can always compare with a Chinese dish called Oyster Cake. But this okonomiyaki is sure to die for. And the have dessert!


Their dessert is not sweet like what Pinoys love their sweets. Their sweets are tempered and discipline and at the same time delicious without compromising its flavour. Their mochi are made by their chefs and is way above those mochi you can buy at the mall.

Altogether having dinner at Izayaka Kenta is fun and wonderful because the owners, the staff and the chefs are dedicated on bring good food and a nice place for people who need to relax and enjoy.

Miss Sakura Medina (middle) with his father (left) and brother Erwin (right)
The owners bowed us as we went off their restaurant and I am thinking I should be back again. 

Izakaya Kenta is located in Malate near Remedios Circle. If you are whin the Malate Church area just go straight Remedios street and go left Adriatico and look to your left. 

Izakaya Kenta
G/F Malate Bayview Mansion, 

1781 M. Adriatico St. Malate, 
1004 Manila, Philippines
Contact numbers: +63-2-523-1874
Facebook Page: Izakaya Kenta 居酒屋けん太 

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