Friday, September 13, 2013

War in Zamboanga and Dengue

Clam down gays, no need for a beki (gay) wake.
Well people are being used and killed by the MNLF in Zamboanga, our famewhoring rebel group in Mindanao. This is also despite the endless peace talks over the so called leaders and their petty and stupid demands with the government. But who gets more news? Kris Aquino, the UAAP, Cosmo Bachelors gay shit and Tom Rodriguez.

It's like the media is so dependent on showbiz for news that people will and can handle. Well most people don't want bad vibes about war so the easy thing to do is pray for Tom Rodriguez and indeed God listened and saved Tom Rodriguez but not the people who were shot in Zamboanga.

I think this time Tom Rodriguez wins the ratings!

I mean I have no want for these celebrities taken out of the lime light but media should give priority to what really matters. And you wonder why people are stupid. Indeed TV has become the boob tube.

Who is Tom Rodrgues? Read here: Sakit na dumapo kay Tom Rodriguez, nakumpirma na

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