Friday, June 28, 2013

KFC nightmare

OMG! A person from the other company used the restroom again but this time made a terrible crime. There was soda all over the sink and KFC tissues on the floor with the KFC cup. The tissue was fucking used. So this so called finicky people of the other company doesn't even have GMRT (Good manners and right tissue).

They have tons of things to say to us because most of my office mates are indeed assholes for always being too noisy but that ends there. When it comes to the restroom we try our best to keep things where they should be like used tissues.

So going back to the used KFC tissue on the floor. I didn't have the courage to do something about it because it is so disgusting. The easy thing was the splatter of cola on the sink, some water and it's gone but the tissue won't go away that easy since the rubbish bin is already full.

So today is what the call the KFC nightmare and we will always remember the date June 27, 2013 forever.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Source: Postsecret site
I have seen books about postsecret when I browse bookstores when I had the luxury before. Some of the things they write in here are quite painful and gives you that feel of crying and pain as well but still you have the urge to peek into people's secret and maybe find some secret that is way painful than your or maybe something you also share.

BTW you can send in your secrets at Postsecret's site or as a member in one of the postsecret swaps on swap-bot.

There is also a wonderful article on Postcrossing.

Between sore throat and colds

I started to feel bad since Wednesday morning when I woke up. My throat was so dry and I have disgusting mucous in my sinus and throat that just want to stay there forever. So I decided to buy myself Stepsils thinking it is just some sore throat but the feeling seems to be wrong.

BTW I need to tell you that its quite cold in the place where I work and not only that the AC is always on full fan making things worse. I am a person who rarely get sick. So now I have colds and cough. Last night I was reading some stuff online but none was helpful and just made me confused.

I had a problem sleeping as well last night because my stomach wants to spew everything in it. I also still feel the same now when I cough so I eat and drink some more to keep it all down.

Hope to be better soon and yes I will wear my jacket now. lolz

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Filipinoes and death in the days of reality shows and brouhaha

Two news got my attention today. The death of Sammy Lagmay and of a Tricycle driver (called a padyak driver). People most of the time are scared of death we don't even want to talk about it and when confronted we either run or just try to ignore them until they go away.

I am pissed with people who try to speak empty words of platitudes and nice stuff to a dead person. You immediately become a nice person as opposed to the three minutes before you die as you are drinking your favorite beer.

But it all boils down to the fact that death in the Philippines is something of a status. If you are a rich La Sallian asshole then having a heart attack will get you helped in less than 10 seconds and also the fact that people in here tend to help good looking as well as good smelling people rather than the street rat that reeks of smelly armpits and soiled clothes.

Both of these guys get the news after they die but during the times when they needed help none even lifted a finger. So why am I ranting about this since I don't care much? I am just pointing out the inconsistency of our culture. The way we Filipinoes are so proud of being good Catholics and assholes at the same time.

I also feel anger for all the hypocrites that will come out of the TV and social media sites and say they feel bad.. That is the only thing they can do feel bad and then read the next stupid article in showbiz. BTW, where is the CBCP? Why aren't they saying anything? That's right there is no money on these people.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A better Schola

The Choir loft of  the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish,
Poblacion, Makati
Yes, I have been to a Latin Mass and have experienced a bit of bad Latin music or Gregorian Chant. For me the music has to be just right. The schola (or schola cantorum) is supposed to do their job to compliment the Liturgy and the general feel of the Latin Mass.

The Extraordinary Mass I attended has a schola that needs more practice. They sang tow familiar tunes in a way that just makes you go crazy instead of having a good and personal experience of something divine. They included Canticorum Jubilo by Handel and Ave Maria by Schubert. Two simple songs but has to be sung well. And they failed me the rest of the Mass. It is a good thing the priest knows how to sing well.

Try to listen to this version of Canticorum jubilo and Ave Maria and see how they sang the songs well.

The Latin Mass in Makati

Facade of St. Peter and Paul
Last Monday (June 24th) I attended a Mass at the oldest Church in Makati - The St. Peter and Paul Parish in Poblacion, Makati. I remember one going to this Church when I was in Elementary. It was old and dark like many thick walled Churches made by the Spaniards.

I had some problems going to the place since I used the MRT to there. starting with MRT Cubao. Yes, Cubao and the tons of people who go in and out of this station. That day despite not sleeping because of insomnia and going out early the MRT had its occasional and traditional technical problems. The line was long and the cars of the train jam packed with people.

Going down Guadalupe station was a great relief and I was able to breathe in again normally. Taking a jeep just below the station takes you to the place in just minutes. You will go down at the end of Rivera street, where you can see the Old Makati City Museum and the Poblacion Baranggay Center.

The invite for the Latin Mass was shared by some of the very traditionalist and cnservative Catholic friends on Facebook. This is actually my second time to attend an Extraordinary Form of the Mass.

Facade of St. Peter and Paul
So why the Latin Mass? Because the Latin Mass has been the Mass of the Church for hundreds of years now and was just replaced just recently. But you are an atheist, what are you doing there? And I say why not? The celebration of the Mass is unique and interesting in and of itself and there is something with Gregorian chant that just brings the idea of the other into context (despite my non-belief).

Historical Marker

Inscrption in Latin
This one is quite new since I remember an older one is marble and broken.
New paint
I arrived at the place early despite all of the delays in travel. Living ina Manila I have to leave at least leave two hours early for anything (unless I am walking) just to arrive on time. I like being on time, no need to hurry and make lame excuses. I took some pictures around like a fucking tourist would.

Everything inside looks new

Even the statues look new and made in China. 

The old and new holy water stoup

An inscription in Latin. Looks important since they have to palce it in view. 

The Altar of Our Lady of the Rose. 

Left side of the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rose. 
Right Side of the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rose.

Another view inside the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rose

Stained glass at the top of the Retablo

The Retablo of the Church
 I don't like the way they have made the restoration of the Church. It looks old and anceint outside and sickening new and cheap inside. You know the age and color inside just don't go together but is a nice place for the celebration of the Latin Mass.

Before the Mass starts the priest explain on why we are having a Latin Mass. He wa saying that the Mass is something so beautiful to be just set aside and to also make it a point that the Latin Mass is more universal because it is the same anywhere in the world.

There were few people inside the Church despite the small size of the Church, there were only so few people that we were just about a third of the whole Church. A few things I noticed is that people are already ready for the mass with the breavariums and handouts. Yes some people are dressed for the Mass well because of the veils and the works. But some people just wear whatever they want. In this Mass no one checked people if they wearing shorts and no veils. The first Mass I have been to asks people to dress properly or to go out. I like the later one's approach.

The Mass is in celebration of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist and is an important Feast thus this Extra Ordinary Form of the Mass.
Priest explaining the Latin Mass
There is a small separate room below the retablo. 

The priest enters with the altar servers and this hooded figure in black. 
 This Mass has many similarities with the regular mass of Vatican II except that everything is in Latin. So I think that is the only barrier in here but once the veil and incomprehension of Latin things would be easier to follow. But as a beginner it is better to just follow everyone around since there is no one to tell you when to sit, kneel, bow or stand. If you are interested with the Latin Mass I suggest you try Musica Sacra for FREE books and sources.
The main celebrant

Yes, he is facing the altar together with the people. 
 One interesting point said by the priest is that the priest is not turning his back to the people in fact he is with the people in the worship of the Lord or the deity. some ignorant Catholics think the Latin Mass is snob by pointing at the laguage, which few understand, and the mere fact that the priest turn his back.

There are only  few moments when the priest faces the people that is when he says Dominus vobiscum where he basically tells the people that we are doing this together.
Dominus vobiscum

During the Gospel

Washing of hands, rarely done in the mass nowadays.
It is hard to tell of the experience in words alone and even in pctures because what you will see is a priest assisted by altar boys with their backs all the time. You better check youtube on this and many sites like SantaMissa for more information.

So in the end the experience was way better than the Mass we have in English and Tagalog. As an observer you are forced to focus on what the priest is doing and also to admire the Music, the Liturgy and as well as the Architecture. 


As I was going home I decided to walk back since the way is just a straight line along the Pasig River. This area in Makati is quite old and I bet there are many more ancestral and old houses around street corners but I was an old house quite in bad shape but still being used and an abandoned one. I actually saw lots of abandoned houses in here. Makes me think. 

An old house I passed by. The joys of walking. 

A fallen roof of an abandoned old house.

Even abandoned old houses are not safe from politics

Friday, June 21, 2013

A salute to Joshua Lipana

I met Joshua Lipana for the first time during my first FF meet up. He is smart and has this conviction on what he believes in. It's kinda interesting how he presented his idea on that day. I heard he was kinda bullied with words because he is a firm objectvist.

I admire the guy for his determination to write and be himself despite his age. He has a way with words even most of the time I don't like what he is saying most of the time. It kinda breaks my heart that this great person just died too soon and too late for me to know.

My condolences for the family and friends of Joshua Lipana
Joshua Lipana (1991-2013)

Atheism and Humanism

Many people are still not comfortable with the label atheist and atheism. They don't want to say it to their friends and I understand because of the excess baggage the word atheist carries with itself. Some would be proud to say that they are humanist and you can add your modifier like secular, religious and even Christian.

I have read that what we perceive as humanism today is quite divergent as what it really meant a few hundred years ago. Many so called humanist now, and I think that will be the context of what I am saying here, want to put their money on humans rather than some invisible creature in the sky (George Carlin) or something metaphysical. I think its a genuine effort to support what have humanity and the sciences have done for the betterment of the species and of the world they live in.

Some people would say that using the label humanist in the context of faith and belief is a cop out. Yeah I do feel some people are like that but I think when asked the question about belief in a higher being we should be honest more unless you have knife under your chin.

Obviously there is nothing humane about calling yourself an atheist. I am an atheist but I am not a humanist. I am more of an anti-humanist. I have no grudge against these so called humanist as long as they can uphold the Amsterdam Declaration.

I also feel that some humanist (who are also atheists) are confused when they use term interchangeably. It confuses people and makes everything harder for some atheists like me. Some atheists have proposed that is called Atheism +.

Love Team Redefined

Yes the new show My Lover's Husband really redefined what is a love them despite some people would say as a woman's fantasy (I think the opposite of men fantazising women making out).

Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez is still the buzz of topics almost anywhere especially the LGBT commnunity. It is always a good idea for me whe people redefine and represent an old idea with their own.

Source: Yahoo

Source: Yahoo

What pissed me this week

There are many things that piss me and make me mad or just want to see people dead.

1. Annoying basketball fans. These mother fuckers who want to sound badass by shouting at the TV and knowing how to coach all the fucking idiots and faggot players on the court should die. They would argue all day long about how they can win the game. If you are so clever why the fuck aren't you in the game?

2. People who use the expression, " ... pag may time(... when you have the time.)." These idiots whould have been sent to the gas chambers speaking in their meaningless shit. It was cute for the first 3 minutes then the jejemons (lame motherfucking faggots) learned how to speak it. Enough!

3. The people who make so much noice at the office like students waiting for their turn at the restroom in the dorm during college and seeing it is not cool since they are not in college or in a dorm or not even near the vicinity of cute. I wanna strangle these assholes.

4. People who come talking like a boss about things that has been on the news yesterday like it just happened now. Fuck you news is what is being talked about now. If you are just fucking to talk about what have people chewed on last night I don't care. You do you talking in the grave.

5. Just basically most people... Well I am pissed and I will just update you on the lastest things that piss me. lolz

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Filipino Freethinkers Meetup, Sunday, June 23, Amici Greenhills

Source: FF site
Join us for another interesting, mindblowing discussions.

Location: Amici, Caramia 101 Connecticut cor. Missouri Sts., North East Greenhills, Greenhills

Google map:

Date: Sunday, June 23, 2013

Time: 3:00 – 5:30pm

-When are societal issues not fair game for entertainers?
-Independence Day Topic:
For better or worse, what has the Philippines contributed to the world?
-What will it take to normalize the topic of female masturbation?

After the meetup we usually go for dinner and drinks somewhere nearby. If you’re not a meetup regular and can’t make it for the meetup but would like to go for the post meetup, please indicate on a post in the wall or comment so we can contact you.

Got questions about the meetup? Contact us at 0927 323 3532

* Newbies are welcome.
* Look for the FF sign (or the group of smart, sexy people).
* There is no required age, religion, philosophy, or IQ level.
* Discussions are informal yet intelligent (most of the time).
* You don’t have to talk; you can just sit in and listen

RSVP here

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


This is an interesting idea and you might wanna try it out!

The site says:

Tripid aims to give everyone the convenience of a taxi, without the high expense! No more long lines, crowded trains, and numerous transfers to get to your destination. Just join a trip, and you're good to go!

Try it here.

Heroes and cats

I am a cat peson and seeing, posting, sharing about cats (even pictures) makes me happy. Cats are cute and I think people who think they are scary are idiots especially those mindless fucks who think they are allergic to cats. Well cats are allergic to stupid people.

Anyways many great a people and heroes of history love and have cats.

Celebrities are often photopgraphed but much loved when with a furry friend.

There are lots of famous people, heroes, writers, historians, muscians, etc who adore and love cats and history is a witness to this.

Now the burning question is that I have never heard of any Filipino hero that liked cats. Do you know some please help me be informed, because google was not able to help.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My dad and the family (As I see it and some more)

I never liked my Father and I think he also feels the same way. We tried to like each other but like in most relationship it was deemed to fail in the first place. Or maybe life is just a cycle of tragedies or sad fates that we pass on to the next generation.

My grandfather is a gambler and is engaged in cockfights. Yes, that old game Filipinos love after basketball.. My grandfather is I think an absentee father to his kids since he has more time for gambling and his friends. He has lots of friends and when I was small I wondered what my grandfather did when he is out. He is usually out. He was never a drinker and I seldom see him drink or get drunk.

He allowed his boys (uncles) to do whatever they wanted like smoke, drink, womanize and even drugs. He taught and tolerated my uncles to drink, watch porn, and have the time of their lives from high school until they all dropped from school like fallen leaves after college. None of them finished studying and has depended heavily on my grandfather and grandmother.

My grandfather has a thing with resources I say. I don't know where he gets money but he always manages to get bills paid and have more for their hobbies. We had an easy life way back then and my uncles had the party of their lives. They did what they want when they want and they always had friend come by and have a drink or two.

My father being the oldest had the responsibility of taking up after my grandfather which had a piggery. Yes we had pigs and most of the time my father took care of them. I think he hated by too much around with pigs and he took cockfighting as a hobby and a bad hobby it is. He got bad into it that it came to the point where he bullied my grandparents for money most of the time. Those usually make me piss my pants.

Like me, my father never had a decent place to sleep in. My uncles and aunts have their respective rooms to sleep in. My father slept with at the sofa and at one point near the pig sty.

My grandmother always tells us that the reason my father was that (crazy) is because he was bitten by a puppy when he was a child. We had lots of pets before and that is where I think the human side of the family comes out. We are sucker for pets; not much with people. We had dogs, cats, pigeons, ducks, and pigs. It's a small farm in the middle of Makati.

My father is quite violent and is always cursing and swearing. That usually scared the shit out of me. The only times he was happy is when he wins large money at the cockpit. He would give money at times and that is the time also that I tried to like him.

I think he was beaten as well when he was small because he would also do the same to me when he gets really pissed. You know its kinda hard to stop crying when you are being told to fucking shut up as you are being hit. I think the same was with my father.

Communication was a problem deep in the family. We never talk to each other much othen than piss each other or shout at each other, my grandparents and uncles and aunts love those kinds of conversations. There are the family feasts for Christmas, birthdays and anything in between where you have god food and never say anything to anyone, not even a greeting.

There are many things my father may have seen and experienced which I have and somehow tht feels bad for me. But we all have the capacity to be what we are despite of the tragedies in life. He chose the wrong way of dealing with life and its darkness. I never chose that path.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Divisoria and Binondo Trip with friends

So I donned my Japanese sandals as my friend sends me a message that they are already at Quiapo Church. I replied that I just need 5 minutes and Ill be out on the streets. It's quite another hot Saturday but at least there is no rain.

We met at the Church as agreed upon as I listen to the final blessings of the priests. Then like most Churches nowadays people clapped like the show has ended. That puzzles me a lot.

Weaving through the Carriedo going to Escolta for the Saturday Market (at the First United Building) there. It's the usual Artsy-Fartsy people with their over priced hand made products. I was just there to check the Washi tapes and maybe some postcards. So I ended up buying nothing because I was not motivated enough to buy the washi tapes and the postcards are fucking expensive. There were lots of old stuff there from the bygone years of cassette tapes and vinyl records, magazines of stars who have just lost their way into the dark and lots of hand made stuff priced too much. I wish they make their prices reasonable so they can get more sales.

Then we headed off to Ongpin passing by the view of the Sta. Cruz Church. There is a side market there with old coins and stuff salvaged by people at a much cheaper prize compared to the Artsy-Fartsy Market. We glimpsed the stores where you can buy gold and jewelries (just be careful some of the gold there are fake).

As we walked we did our talking about things in work and in life. I told them of the places where you can buy stuff and what special things they have for sale like fried siopao and hopia.

We ate had noodles at Masuki where my friend enjoyed the simple noodles for 120 each bowl and you can share that. At the time we were there the owner was there was entertaining some media people. There was a talent show contestant named Makata who I don't care and even know.

We passed by people on the streets selling fruits and vegetables and some charms as well. We went in to Salazar Bakery, Monteland and Holland Bakeries and bought some hopia. And of course tasting the hopia as we walked and went to Binondo Church.

Before Binondo Church we passed by Sto.Cristo de Longos and I asked if my friend wanted to offer some joss sticks. It was akward of course at first but you can give it a try and there is nothing wrong with that. Even as an atheist I had to do it so that she would have an easy time with the ritual.

On the Binondo Church we had some rest while looking at the awful things they have done to the old Church. The pillars were covered with cheap marble and doesn't suit the old architecture of the place, the same goes for the grills and cheap stained glass they put at the back. And you are really with a bad taste if you enjoy the neon green confessional.

After enjoying the rest in Binondo Church we passed where the Insular Cigar Factory and the Hotel de Oriente was going to the newest and classiest place in Binondo the Lucky Chinatown Mall. This mall is made for the class A people where you can buy Chinese stuff at a pricier way. Makes some people feel rich I say. The mall has a feel of those malls in Eastwood but this one is clearly modeled after Macao. Unlike most mall who have a chapel this mall has a small shrine for Buddhist where you can light a joss stick and pray.

Then going to Divisoria as my friends looks for a hair blower and shaver for a cat. Of course with the many shops at 168 and 999 and the new one I just saw near Tutuban Center. You will be just overwhelmed by the interesting stuff you can buy. Most are just utter interesting but useless stuff.

The roads are still under repair and they made it quite high. I don't see how that can help the problem with floods. The streets are still littered with all sorts of trash in plastic and paper and whatever. Yes, there are lots of people already especially these Pakistani students whom I call my friend's friend, and God they stink a  lot. In Philippine culture it is impolite to smell and stink.

The wonderful thing about Divisoria is that you can haggle prices and be proud that you are such a cheapstake and never have to pretend shit like in the mall. We sat at least in three food courts and rested for once in a while, looking at people and talking about them.

The one thing that I find interesting in all of these is the way the Filipino sales lady calls the shoppers. They say the following:

Pasok lang! (Do enter)

As if  you can  really enter their small stall. And if I do enter so what?

Pili lang. (Do choose)

Why is this for free? Will I get big discounts?

And my favorite: Anong hanap nila? (What are they looking for?)

Which my friend replied, "Kapayapaan (Peace)." I was yeah can these people give me what I am looking for? What if I am looking for a treasure or someone?

Anyways we know what they are talking about considering that Tagalog works much on the context of the place and the conversation rather than have lengthy English langauge boring talks where you can also do the same.

By now my feet are red with the Japanese Sandals I am wearing.

Friday, June 14, 2013

I Wish (Kiseki)

Source: Wikipedia
As an atheist I don't and have stoppoed believing in miracles but I still hope I guess and maybe deep down inside we still live in a world of dreams.

The story is light and cute to some extent. The setting and the language are subtle and needs a little listneing into. It's about two boys and their friends on a mission to have their wish come true.

I like the fact that the characters are well thought of and kids were not asked to do crazy crying stunts all over the place. In the end, we don't get what we want, we just get to live with what we have and to maybe appreciate the black humour of life. 

Here is the link to the movie: AsianWiki and Wikipedia

Thursday, June 13, 2013

FREE STAMP and Other Collectibles Lecture- Topic: Why Do we need to Collect Stamps?

Lecture on Collecting Stamps
Source: FB event page
Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club in cooperation with Philippine Postal Corporation will have a FREE Lecture on June 16, 2013 at the main lobby - right side ( Philatelic Section aka E-Post area) from 1:30PM to past 5:00PM. The FREE lecture will coincide with the monthly meeting of the stamp club and there will be a FREE tour inside the Post Office after the lecture . Topic : " Why do we have to collect Stamps" by Stamp Advisory Board Member , Philippine Philatelic Federation - board member and Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club - board member - Mr. Reynaldo Ong de Jesus and Mr. Dojie Lutera - Filipinas Stamp Collectors' Club - president

Although this is a FREE lecture and FREE tour inside the famed Manila Central Post Office , pre-registration is required to those who are attending the FREE lecture and tour inside the post office.

Contact information
Mrs.Josie Tiongson – Cura – ( 0917-9800708 / GLOBE )
Everyday -preferably office hours. Monday to Saturday
Mr. Rey Ong De Jesus- Education and Exhibition
(577-1297) Monday to Saturday 8am to 5pm only

Interested? RSVP here

Anyways always be on the look-out since there will be more in the future. 

Ano ba ang uso?

Meron ka ng Facebook account
Meron ka pang Twitter
Pero wait lang dapat may Instagram din
Sayang ang mga Selfie moments.

Bago kumain picturan muna
Pasok sa CR harap sa salamin
Pouty lips daw o kaya
Labas ang abs mo

Pero ang luma ay bumabalik
Throwback Thursday
Samahan ng tag ng friends
Kahit wala naman sila dun.

Hashtag mo sa mikling word
Pwede ring gumawa ng compund words
Ipagdikit dikit mo lang ang buong sentence mo
Basta dapat may hashtag.

Ganito ganito pag may time.
Samahan mo na rin ng konting banat
Shoutout pati na FF
Wait aalis na ako

Time na
Bente lang ang budget ko ngayon

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You are not alone

Before the age of internet and of Facebook many atheists in the people have a hard time looking for people of the same belief or lack of belief. Someone one who shares the same passion without being an asshole at the same time. Make fun of religion but not the person.

Worry no more because non-belief is rising fast in the Philippines.

Who can I join? You can start with the Filipino Freethinkers.

So I need to be an atheist? Nope, you can keep your belief in God if you want to. We just want a more secular Philippines for a start.

Independence Day

On June 12, 1898, the then President of the Republic declared its independence from Spain. It is a bold statement and so even despite the British, the Japanese and American coming after that the Filipinos celebrate this day as an important event.

Source: Wikipedia
Well I don't really feel all good about this event because we know it means nothing after such a proclamation. The Philippines is still not a lovely place to raise a family or even have a decent meal on your table.

The flags will be displayed and people will Tweet and Post on Facebook about such a fad today. People and celebrities will wear what is called the Filipiniana and Barong Tagalogs as symbols for the symbol minded (as George Carlin would say).

What does it mean to be free to day in relation to all this drama and show that the media display together with the meaningless babbles of the Yellow President. We are just remembering what is past but what important is how we live our life today.

I say we must continue to fight people who want to control us, the education system who wants us to think the same and be same with the rest of the population, who wants to control what we say, despite what the media is calling freedom of speech, fight those people who are still in power despite the democratic sytem, and also fight religion for enslaving all of us from reason, secularism and science.

Words are words and so I do my best to live my bigoted ideas. Happy indepence day!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A better gay themed drama

Victor Basa and Tom Rodriguez
Not your screaming parlor gays
So My Husband's Lover Pilot Epsode last night. With new things comes people who like to comment and talk about it. It's the fad thing here in my country. People talked about it before but I ignored it. People really blasted off on its pilot episode on Twitter and on Facebook.

The story is interesting because it goes away from the typical gay stories on TV (yes the slapstick and nosy version people laugh at). People especially the gay community as well as allies have hoes for this new series on Philippine TV.

I think it's kinda true to the fact that the way gay people are really acting in the real wold. I mean not all of the gay people I know like to dress up and sing Mariah Carey songs. Mot of the gays really just go like other men except for certain likes but the differences are almost insignificant.

But as my friend say, they must be able to maintain the storyline well and not just make another soft porn on TV. I bet the gyms, parlours and CBCP will close early.

Good luck LGBT people and good luck GMA, some people will not be happy in our highly moral Catholic upbringing!

Monday, June 10, 2013

When are jokes inappropriate?

1. When no one understands you.

2. When someone explains the joke and why it is so.

3. When no one is laughing.

The fuck I just don't see when jokes are inaapropriate. Jokes are jokes and life is life is like that as well.

Kapag maulan

Linggo ng gabi at maulan.
Buhos ng ulan sa kalsada ng Loreto.
Nakahanda na ang barkada sa may baba ng bahay.
Tangina makakatulog ba ako?

Walang Pasok bukas
sabi ng batang tambay
Gago wala ka lang homework
Sabi ng kanyang Nanay!

Ewan ko ba kung bakit maulan
Tuwing pasukan
Bakit walang gustong pumasok?
Masarap ba ang tambay?

Maingay, magulo
Eto na ang mga motor
Alas tress na pala
Mamaya na ako matutulog

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 8, 2013 Filipino Freethinkers Meet-up

Location: Amici, Caramia 101 Connecticut cor. Missouri Sts., North East Greenhills, Greenhills
Google map:
Date: Saturday, June 8, 2013
Time: 3:00 – 5:30pm

-Do pride marches really do anything for the LGBT community?
-When are jokes inappropriate?
-Turkey rallies

See you there!

RSVP: here

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Another book about cats?

Love the knit scarf.
I wanna make one for a cat too!
I have seen in a post in Facebook about this book. Looks interesting since I have read a lot of people writing about how a cat or a god changed their life. I like cats and I like reading about what people experience with their cats. You know, maybe I was looking for some experience they had or we have in common.

This book actually made me teary eyes and I love how simple the words just simply fly in front of my eyes as I imagine a guy with a ginger cat.

So red this like I am reding it now.

The book is called A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets

The living and the dead

A friend of my posted that he is going to a cemetery for a tour. Well I have never been to the Manila North Cemetery and is interested on the number of people buried there. We had a little tour of some of the houses you can find around Blumentritt. We walked and with folkd from the Heritage Conservation Society we were able to ask some questions about some of the old houses we saw.

We bought flowers for the dead and I wasn't really sure where we are going. I kept on forgetting. At first I was just trying to absorb all the beauty of the place despite that I am at most mortified with death and anything that comes with it. The place seems not to show that because of the number of people inside the cemeteries. Yes, people live in the cemeteries, lucky bastards they have all these art aroudn them.

Many of the famous people in the history of the Philippines are buried here in the Manila North cemeteries and two cemeteries are located near as well, the La Loma cemetery and the Chinese Cemetery.

The walk was hot and filled with talks about people and how they want to be laid in their final rest. I feel bad at times because most of the tombs need some kind of care. I lived the way people presented the way they want to be remembered.

A mixture of art, columns, posed angels and of the Virgin and his son on the cross. Some tombs elaborate showing their wealth and some simple showing their humility. Some tombs are quite simple that its shocking to learn who is inside. Every tomb, stone and architecture has a story and reason.

Here are some pictures I took.

We have the same birthday.