Thursday, June 27, 2013

Between sore throat and colds

I started to feel bad since Wednesday morning when I woke up. My throat was so dry and I have disgusting mucous in my sinus and throat that just want to stay there forever. So I decided to buy myself Stepsils thinking it is just some sore throat but the feeling seems to be wrong.

BTW I need to tell you that its quite cold in the place where I work and not only that the AC is always on full fan making things worse. I am a person who rarely get sick. So now I have colds and cough. Last night I was reading some stuff online but none was helpful and just made me confused.

I had a problem sleeping as well last night because my stomach wants to spew everything in it. I also still feel the same now when I cough so I eat and drink some more to keep it all down.

Hope to be better soon and yes I will wear my jacket now. lolz

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