Friday, June 28, 2013

KFC nightmare

OMG! A person from the other company used the restroom again but this time made a terrible crime. There was soda all over the sink and KFC tissues on the floor with the KFC cup. The tissue was fucking used. So this so called finicky people of the other company doesn't even have GMRT (Good manners and right tissue).

They have tons of things to say to us because most of my office mates are indeed assholes for always being too noisy but that ends there. When it comes to the restroom we try our best to keep things where they should be like used tissues.

So going back to the used KFC tissue on the floor. I didn't have the courage to do something about it because it is so disgusting. The easy thing was the splatter of cola on the sink, some water and it's gone but the tissue won't go away that easy since the rubbish bin is already full.

So today is what the call the KFC nightmare and we will always remember the date June 27, 2013 forever.

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