Friday, June 21, 2013

What pissed me this week

There are many things that piss me and make me mad or just want to see people dead.

1. Annoying basketball fans. These mother fuckers who want to sound badass by shouting at the TV and knowing how to coach all the fucking idiots and faggot players on the court should die. They would argue all day long about how they can win the game. If you are so clever why the fuck aren't you in the game?

2. People who use the expression, " ... pag may time(... when you have the time.)." These idiots whould have been sent to the gas chambers speaking in their meaningless shit. It was cute for the first 3 minutes then the jejemons (lame motherfucking faggots) learned how to speak it. Enough!

3. The people who make so much noice at the office like students waiting for their turn at the restroom in the dorm during college and seeing it is not cool since they are not in college or in a dorm or not even near the vicinity of cute. I wanna strangle these assholes.

4. People who come talking like a boss about things that has been on the news yesterday like it just happened now. Fuck you news is what is being talked about now. If you are just fucking to talk about what have people chewed on last night I don't care. You do you talking in the grave.

5. Just basically most people... Well I am pissed and I will just update you on the lastest things that piss me. lolz

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