Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A better gay themed drama

Victor Basa and Tom Rodriguez
Not your screaming parlor gays
So My Husband's Lover Pilot Epsode last night. With new things comes people who like to comment and talk about it. It's the fad thing here in my country. People talked about it before but I ignored it. People really blasted off on its pilot episode on Twitter and on Facebook.

The story is interesting because it goes away from the typical gay stories on TV (yes the slapstick and nosy version people laugh at). People especially the gay community as well as allies have hoes for this new series on Philippine TV.

I think it's kinda true to the fact that the way gay people are really acting in the real wold. I mean not all of the gay people I know like to dress up and sing Mariah Carey songs. Mot of the gays really just go like other men except for certain likes but the differences are almost insignificant.

But as my friend say, they must be able to maintain the storyline well and not just make another soft porn on TV. I bet the gyms, parlours and CBCP will close early.

Good luck LGBT people and good luck GMA, some people will not be happy in our highly moral Catholic upbringing!

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