Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Independence Day

On June 12, 1898, the then President of the Republic declared its independence from Spain. It is a bold statement and so even despite the British, the Japanese and American coming after that the Filipinos celebrate this day as an important event.

Source: Wikipedia
Well I don't really feel all good about this event because we know it means nothing after such a proclamation. The Philippines is still not a lovely place to raise a family or even have a decent meal on your table.

The flags will be displayed and people will Tweet and Post on Facebook about such a fad today. People and celebrities will wear what is called the Filipiniana and Barong Tagalogs as symbols for the symbol minded (as George Carlin would say).

What does it mean to be free to day in relation to all this drama and show that the media display together with the meaningless babbles of the Yellow President. We are just remembering what is past but what important is how we live our life today.

I say we must continue to fight people who want to control us, the education system who wants us to think the same and be same with the rest of the population, who wants to control what we say, despite what the media is calling freedom of speech, fight those people who are still in power despite the democratic sytem, and also fight religion for enslaving all of us from reason, secularism and science.

Words are words and so I do my best to live my bigoted ideas. Happy indepence day!

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