Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A better Schola

The Choir loft of  the Sts. Peter and Paul Parish,
Poblacion, Makati
Yes, I have been to a Latin Mass and have experienced a bit of bad Latin music or Gregorian Chant. For me the music has to be just right. The schola (or schola cantorum) is supposed to do their job to compliment the Liturgy and the general feel of the Latin Mass.

The Extraordinary Mass I attended has a schola that needs more practice. They sang tow familiar tunes in a way that just makes you go crazy instead of having a good and personal experience of something divine. They included Canticorum Jubilo by Handel and Ave Maria by Schubert. Two simple songs but has to be sung well. And they failed me the rest of the Mass. It is a good thing the priest knows how to sing well.

Try to listen to this version of Canticorum jubilo and Ave Maria and see how they sang the songs well.

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