Friday, June 21, 2013

Atheism and Humanism

Many people are still not comfortable with the label atheist and atheism. They don't want to say it to their friends and I understand because of the excess baggage the word atheist carries with itself. Some would be proud to say that they are humanist and you can add your modifier like secular, religious and even Christian.

I have read that what we perceive as humanism today is quite divergent as what it really meant a few hundred years ago. Many so called humanist now, and I think that will be the context of what I am saying here, want to put their money on humans rather than some invisible creature in the sky (George Carlin) or something metaphysical. I think its a genuine effort to support what have humanity and the sciences have done for the betterment of the species and of the world they live in.

Some people would say that using the label humanist in the context of faith and belief is a cop out. Yeah I do feel some people are like that but I think when asked the question about belief in a higher being we should be honest more unless you have knife under your chin.

Obviously there is nothing humane about calling yourself an atheist. I am an atheist but I am not a humanist. I am more of an anti-humanist. I have no grudge against these so called humanist as long as they can uphold the Amsterdam Declaration.

I also feel that some humanist (who are also atheists) are confused when they use term interchangeably. It confuses people and makes everything harder for some atheists like me. Some atheists have proposed that is called Atheism +.

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