Thursday, June 6, 2013

The living and the dead

A friend of my posted that he is going to a cemetery for a tour. Well I have never been to the Manila North Cemetery and is interested on the number of people buried there. We had a little tour of some of the houses you can find around Blumentritt. We walked and with folkd from the Heritage Conservation Society we were able to ask some questions about some of the old houses we saw.

We bought flowers for the dead and I wasn't really sure where we are going. I kept on forgetting. At first I was just trying to absorb all the beauty of the place despite that I am at most mortified with death and anything that comes with it. The place seems not to show that because of the number of people inside the cemeteries. Yes, people live in the cemeteries, lucky bastards they have all these art aroudn them.

Many of the famous people in the history of the Philippines are buried here in the Manila North cemeteries and two cemeteries are located near as well, the La Loma cemetery and the Chinese Cemetery.

The walk was hot and filled with talks about people and how they want to be laid in their final rest. I feel bad at times because most of the tombs need some kind of care. I lived the way people presented the way they want to be remembered.

A mixture of art, columns, posed angels and of the Virgin and his son on the cross. Some tombs elaborate showing their wealth and some simple showing their humility. Some tombs are quite simple that its shocking to learn who is inside. Every tomb, stone and architecture has a story and reason.

Here are some pictures I took.

We have the same birthday. 

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