Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Filipinoes and death in the days of reality shows and brouhaha

Two news got my attention today. The death of Sammy Lagmay and of a Tricycle driver (called a padyak driver). People most of the time are scared of death we don't even want to talk about it and when confronted we either run or just try to ignore them until they go away.

I am pissed with people who try to speak empty words of platitudes and nice stuff to a dead person. You immediately become a nice person as opposed to the three minutes before you die as you are drinking your favorite beer.

But it all boils down to the fact that death in the Philippines is something of a status. If you are a rich La Sallian asshole then having a heart attack will get you helped in less than 10 seconds and also the fact that people in here tend to help good looking as well as good smelling people rather than the street rat that reeks of smelly armpits and soiled clothes.

Both of these guys get the news after they die but during the times when they needed help none even lifted a finger. So why am I ranting about this since I don't care much? I am just pointing out the inconsistency of our culture. The way we Filipinoes are so proud of being good Catholics and assholes at the same time.

I also feel anger for all the hypocrites that will come out of the TV and social media sites and say they feel bad.. That is the only thing they can do feel bad and then read the next stupid article in showbiz. BTW, where is the CBCP? Why aren't they saying anything? That's right there is no money on these people.

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