Friday, December 22, 2017

Big Ben's Kitchen: A tribute to history and good food

All ideas that are great start with good intentions. With the proliferation of fast food and things that are foreign. Many people still long for the good old days and the food they grew up with.

That is the main goal of Big Ben's Kitchen and its owner Mr. Gene Guiterrez. With a recipe he got from his grandmother Teresita Sayoc-Reyes, they started the business in 1950.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Merck: Bridging Baby Steps (Fertility Awareness 2017)

Fertility Awareness 2017

Despite the huge population of the Philippines. Infertility still happens and is often a burden on many parents who want to conceive. The data from a Synovate survey in 2011 shows that one out of 10 Filipinos are suffering from infertility. There are different factors that affect a couple’s ability to procreate such as socio-cultural practices, including the marrying age, educational status, professional goals.

Merck is now on its 5th year of pursuing awareness on fertility and infertility in the Philippines. Often battling many myths and misconceptions.

Who is Merck?

Merck Inc. started operation in the Philippines in 1973 as a division of Pharma Industries Inc., now known as Zuellig Pharma Corporation (ZPC), to promote the pharmaceutical products of Merck KGaA.       
Today, the company and its employees continue to work together in providing quality pharmaceutical and specialty chemical products and services to its customers.

Merck Inc. looks forward to continued success and to contribute further to the development of the Philippines as a responsible multinational company.

Friday, October 20, 2017

World Architecture Day and World Post Day 2017 with the United Architects of the Philippines - Makati

My wish for a clear day didn't happen. It was rainy and I have lots of stuff on my bag. The rain came and went from time to time. But at least it was not raining really hard.

I went on my way to the Manila Central Post office and waited for the rest of the group. We have some bloggers and also the members of the United Architects of the Philippines - Makati Chapter (UAP - Makati Chapter).

The World Architecture Day 2017 fell on October 2nd with the theme "Climate Change Action." While, the World Post Day 2017 is celebrated with no theme falls on October 9th.

The program starts at with the people of the PhilPost meeting with the guests from the UAP - Makati and bloggers.

We are introduced to the long history of the PhilPost and its legacy as well as the wonderful building it is housed in. Ms. Arlene Labao-Project Officer for the Philately Collection & Museum Division started the program with some videos about the PhilPost and even how to write postcards.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Merck's Fertility Awareness Campaign 2017

Merck remains committed to changing lives of couples with fertility problems
through the Fertility Awareness Campaign, now on its fifth year. 

MANILA, Philippines, October 2017- When you think of babies, first thing that come to mind is the feeling of happiness – of blissful parents cuddling their adorable little one – nothing short of perfection. 

Unfortunately, not all couples share the same feeling, especially for the 15% of the population who are suffering from fertility problems. 

Infertility is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), as “a disease of the reproductive system defined by the failure to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.” 

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Eatsilog: Not just another silog

The first time I visited Eatsilog, located at  A. Canaynay Avenue, San Dionisio, Sucat, Parañaque City. I thought it was hard to reach. It is near Llanas Supermarket and if you like some walking it is near SM. The red color will be your guide.

Like any silogs their food are affordable but also well made. It is a step better than your regular silog. All the recipes are from Chef Oen Francisco and his partners Ms. Lexie Go and Mr. Dennis Pangilinan.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Going back to "7 Flavors" because why not?

And once again I am back to this wonderful restaurant in San Juan called 7 Flavors. I am eating now with more friends and other regulars of the restaurant. Aside from the 7 flavors you can experience and encounter I learned about their three goals, presentation, quality and good taste.

Before the start of the meal I was lucky enough to get pictures before everyone jumped in. 

Sorry but I start with the desserts. 

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

71st Mid-Year Orchid Show: Ti's the season for Waling-waling

The Philippine Orchid Society in cooperation with Quezon City government, Quezon City Memorial Administration with special participation of Del Monte, Philippines, Villar Sipag Foundation and other plant society presents to the gardening public the 71st Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show from September 2nd to 16th, 2017 .

There will also be a trade fair, landscape exhibits, plant and orchid competitions, and daily lectures.

The venue of the exhibit and trade fair will be at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak or Flower Garden which is near the East Avenue gate entrance.

According to the Philippine Orchid Society's facebook page:

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte's SONA 2017: The battle cry for murder, hypocrisy, fake data, and the drug war

It is another year and the Poong Messiahd (a pun on the word Messiah and the tagalog word may sayad, which means crazy), the great overlord of death, Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Dutertards (Duterte fanatics) and the bobotantes (stupid voters) held his second SONA (State of the Nation Address) or hate speech because he thinks its cool to be bad-ass and idiots like the drama.

I will take everything into consideration and see what matters or what have you. I didn't listen to the actual speech because believe me it's very hard to understand the accent, enunciation of the Mahal na Nazeraan (a pun on the Black Nazareen and sira, wich also means crazy). 

Sumaatin nawa ang banal na putangina. (May the holy son of a bitch be with us.)

Following is a full transcript of that SONA, as delivered:

Kindly sit down. Thank you for your courtesy.
When I was a member of Congress, I… my seat was over there. The seat… the lady with a violent — not violent but rather violet dress… seated. But I was always absent, together with the Speaker and Tonyboy Floirendo, who is still absent until today. [LAUGHTER] And that started… Ay nandiyan ba? Sorry. But his propensity started almost 17 years ago when we were members of the 11th Congress.
Here he is proud to be always absent. He got paid for being absent. As if that is a skill similar to what Manny Pacquiao has been doing consistently since he became a politician. So being lazy is a virtue for Duterte. Also his joke is lame. Politicians have no sense of what a good joke is.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cold Office Syndrome in the middle of a fucking Tropical country (an old musing)

Well nothing can be annoying when you feel like its winter at work and at the moment you step outside its "Welcome to the gates of Hell."

I have read of the idea on Buzzfeed about that problem. Again its very simple. You office just decided on itself that the temperature should be below freezing or something close.

I have tried the jacket approach but the fucking machine is just on top of me. I don't want to do the barung-barong thing because I believe an office should look like an office and not the shanties of Tondo or what have you.

Today my AM partner just decided to be her own architect and engineer and decided to do a make-over just because she thinks it must be done. She is the same asshole who decided to move my things without even asking. What a fucking jerk like most Pinoy are.

Well its no longer cold but I can't fucking see what I am typing.

Flora de Filipinas 2017

The first edition is the Flora de Filipinas según el sistema de Linneo (1837) or  Flora de Filipinas by  Francisco Manuel Blanco (1778-1845).

Flora de Filipinas
Source: Wikipedia
Other editions of the book exists and are all highly valued. They are:

Innovative Bonsai at the QCX

The Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines will having its National Show this coming July 22 and 29, 2017. The project is supported by the Quezon City Memorial Circle administration, Quezon City government , Department of Tourism  and Del Monte Philippines.

There would be seminars from July 22 to 23 and July 29 and 30 at the QCX Museum. Foreign and local speakers will discuss a wide range of topics about bonsai and suiseki . A commercial trade fair will be held at the nearby Planas Garden beside the QCX Museum.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

San Marino's Indoor Bike Challenge at Robinsons Starmills Pampanga

San Marino has always been a proponent of healthy living since its start years back. They are famous for many brands and is one of the well know canned foods in the Philippines. San Marino corned tuna by Foodsphere Inc. local manufacturer and distributor of popular brands like CDO, Bibbo hot dogs, Highlands corn beef, Holiday Cheese dogs.

San Marino and Robinsons Mall started last year an advocacy to help improve the lives of the shoppers, thus they launched an Indoor Bike Challenge at Robinson’s Magnolia. This year there are 3 legs for the Indoor Challenge, one held last June 3 at Nuvali, Laguna; June 24 at Robinson Starmills, San Fernando, Pampanga; and July 8 at Santa Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


The Philippine Orchid Society in cooperation with Quezon City government , Quezon City Memorial Administration with special participation of Del Monte Philippines, Villar Sipag Foundation and other plant society presents to the gardening public the 71st Mid-Year Orchid and Garden show from September 2 to 16, 2017.

There will also be a trade fair, landscape exhibit, plant and orchid competition,  daily lectures.

The venue of the exhibit and trade fair will be at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak or Flower Garden which is near the East Avenue gate entrance.

There is a minimal entrance fee of Php 30 for the general public and Php 20 for students and senior citizens with valid ID’s .
There would be lectures and workshops. Don't forget to bring your camera.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gantsilyo Guru: another adventure with yarns

If you love working with yarns and is a crochet addict then this place is for you. Gantsilyo Guru is one name that stands out when it comes if you are talking about places to buy yarns and crochet materials. But mind you this place is also good for other yarn crafts like knitting, macrame, and others.

Kiu Pat Long Shiao Taoist Temple

After many years of wondering I was able to see this place up close when a friend of mine invited me to look around. Weirdly enough we were told that the place is closing down and is giving away stuff. I felt sad also somewhat excited for the adventure.

The Taoist temple is just a short ride from Baclaran. It is located in an area called Don Galo, Paranaque.

7 Flavors another wonderful buffet fit for your budget and taste

According to some there are 7 flavors that one must experience. They are sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, astringent, and umami. But for me that is just meh. I mean food is delicious then its good.

Located in San Juan. The place has ample parking and there is space to enjoy meals with your family and friends even your delightful date with yourself.

The place is cozy and has a wonderful feel to it.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Visita Iglesia and a wonderful Holy Week vacation (Day 3)

Yesterday we had our breakfast served at the room. This time we take it at the restrant downstairs. The restaurant that serves the hotel and nearby areas is called Mei Wei Chinese Kitchen. It serves good food at good prices. It has food for all kidns of budget and you don't need to worry about the taste. It is good and served by well trained staff.

Visita Iglesia and a wonderful Holy Week vacation (Day 2)

I had a good rest last night. The room is sufficient for a person who just wants to stay locked away from the world. Just like a hermit. You have cable TV and a good internet connection. Just my ideal place maybe if I get too stressed from work.

I was even able to do some knitting during my stay. Hahaha

Visita Iglesia and a wonderful Holy Week vacation (Day 1)

It's Holy Thursday and EDSA has a massive traffic because of another road repair on the south bound lane of EDSA somewhere along the Pasay Area. This is another suffering brought to us by the government. They must be in need of another way to earn more money.

Anyways, I arrived earlier and I just wondered the area of the Baclaran Church. The Church is properly known as the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. This is a melting pot on places and of people. There are always people in this area.

I have noticed that jejemons or annoying people are less frequent in the morning. They usually come out at night like evil creatures. My visita iglesia started out well this year.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CARACOL 2017: Dancing for Nature

Caracol is one event that was always near me but not quite. Caracol as far as I remember was done in Bangkal during the feast day of San Ildefonso. But being an active member of church when I was young, I was already in church during the whole event.

The origin of the name was derived from the Spanish word,” caracol” means “snail.” It’s hard to say whether the Caracol Festival was named because of its associations with nature, or because it cycles every year like the ridges on a snail’s shell.

According to some old-time Makati residents , the festival used to be held on the feast day of Saint Ildefonso around late January but eventually moved to late February and the usual street dancing is held in the morning but the festivities moved to Circuit Mall few years ago. The participants paraded on Hippodromo street and culminated with dance competition held at the activity area of Circuit Mall.

Philippine Orchid Society’s 71st Annual Orchid Show

Philippine Orchid Society had its 71st annual orchid and garden show from February 25 to March 7, 2017.

There were the daily schedules of workshop and talks at the upcoming orchid show . The lectures and workshop is part of the awareness and public lecture conducted by the organization .

The first stop we had was at the commercial section, which sometimes has more interesting plants and flowers than the exhibits themselves.

The orchid show for sometime now has also been a place to see pets like bantam chickens.

There are plant based products that are also selling stuff.