Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kiu Pat Long Shiao Taoist Temple

After many years of wondering I was able to see this place up close when a friend of mine invited me to look around. Weirdly enough we were told that the place is closing down and is giving away stuff. I felt sad also somewhat excited for the adventure.

The Taoist temple is just a short ride from Baclaran. It is located in an area called Don Galo, Paranaque.

I always thought this was a Buddhist temple. Pardon my ignorance. But most Chinese temples look the same to me. But this structure is just amazing to see.

We asked about the report we have heard on Facebook. Which hard to ask. Surely they were surprised and maybe a little irked. The place was not that a welcoming place I say. I think they should be more open. We even asked for any contact numbers but we were just pushed out.

Too bad I say.

This is the blurry image I took of the altar on the ground floor. I took it quickly thus the blur.

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