Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Philippine Orchid Society’s 71st Annual Orchid Show

Philippine Orchid Society had its 71st annual orchid and garden show from February 25 to March 7, 2017.

There were the daily schedules of workshop and talks at the upcoming orchid show . The lectures and workshop is part of the awareness and public lecture conducted by the organization .

The first stop we had was at the commercial section, which sometimes has more interesting plants and flowers than the exhibits themselves.

The orchid show for sometime now has also been a place to see pets like bantam chickens.

There are plant based products that are also selling stuff.

And why not Tupperware as well.

At the time we were able to go around a little they were still closed.

So we explored more of the commercial section. BTW you cannot go to the selling section for free. Weird.

There are cheap succulents as well. This has become a fad these days.

Some kinds of sangumay from the wild.

Wow these egg shells are expensive. I thought it was 50 pesos. Deym!

Supplies are also sold for all your gardening needs.

These giant ferns as well.

You can also buy this giant orchid. And it will still grow bigger. You just need a lot of space. Maybe a farm or a hacienda like the Binays (politicians of Makati).

There are lowland strawberries.

Giant hoya flowers

And there are cheap starter orchids as well. You can ask the sellers on how to take care and plant. This is a good start for beginners. They have white and good smelling flowers.

This is the real water lily and not the ones that float on the Pasig river.

Bonsais for you to take home. That is if you have a big car.

Then comes the exhibits. There are blue, red, yellow and white ribbons on each plant and also on the exhibits themselves.

Small landscapes for smaller spaces.

If you are in plant shows the word VARIEGATED is a favorite.

Some exhibits have a more cozy feel like this one.

And the vertical gardens are still here. Sometimes I think they are impractical.

This arrangement is so simple you can do it. I am sure you will not fail at the bougainvillea. But I know some people who just kills plants as a hobby.

The cactus people are here as well with their annual specimens.

Then this one that is colorful and amazes much of the selfie and jejecrowds.

BTW many of the flowers exhibited are native.

Some flowers wilt fast so the best time to come is the first few days of the event.

We came in the morning so there are no lectures yet. The lectures that many Filipinos hate and just attend for the raffles.

Manila Bulletin is the favorite media sponsor for this event. Fit for the very traditional ways of the society.

The next orchid will will be at September 2 to 16, 2017 at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Hardin ng mga Bulaklak.

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