Thursday, July 6, 2017

San Marino's Indoor Bike Challenge at Robinsons Starmills Pampanga

San Marino has always been a proponent of healthy living since its start years back. They are famous for many brands and is one of the well know canned foods in the Philippines. San Marino corned tuna by Foodsphere Inc. local manufacturer and distributor of popular brands like CDO, Bibbo hot dogs, Highlands corn beef, Holiday Cheese dogs.

San Marino and Robinsons Mall started last year an advocacy to help improve the lives of the shoppers, thus they launched an Indoor Bike Challenge at Robinson’s Magnolia. This year there are 3 legs for the Indoor Challenge, one held last June 3 at Nuvali, Laguna; June 24 at Robinson Starmills, San Fernando, Pampanga; and July 8 at Santa Lucia East Grand Mall, Cainta, Rizal.


The Indoor Bike Challenge now on its second year with the theme “Live Healthy Love More.“  Robinsons Supermarket gift certificate worth Php 30,000 was at stake for the fastest racer in this year race. The second place got Php 20,000 and Php 10,000 for the third place. Aside from these prizes, The participants also got a singlet shirt, plastic tumbler, certificate of participation and free gift certificate from Elorde Fight Camp, San Fernando, Pampanga (Free 10 session boxing)


There is a registration area and its free. You just need to provide some information.

After the registration you get a stub. You must do about five or six tasks. There is a chance to get or avail of the following: a free sample of San Marino with cracker,  BMI, BP check, and Diet Consultation, Kinect WII, a photo booth and Elorde Fight Camp booth (Pampanga branch), where you can get a special promo of 50% for those who wanted to enroll at their Muay Thai and Boxing Sessions.

There was  a selling area, where one can buy San Marino products and there are some extra freebies like pouch bags and plastic tumblers.

Exercise Bike Challenge

After the completion of the stub. We are allowed to participate at the Exercise Bike Challenge. Since the indoor bike units are limited (20 participants per batch). The Exercise Bike Challenge was divided into 3 group.

The first batch started their exercise challenge for a total of 20 minutes at around past 2:15 pm. Our batch started the exercise challenge around past 2:40 pm (second batch) and the last batch started around past 3:20 pm. This is some sort of warm-up for those who are first timers.


The actual competition started with a short warm-up exercise and audio-video presentation. It took about 10 to 15 minutes before the actual competition took place. (20 minutes) the one who had the most pedaled distance in 20 minutes are declared the winners (There were 3 batches). When the winners were finally announced, There are from first , second and third batch who won the first, second and third place.

It was a wonderful experience for all of us who participated at the challenge. I have not participated at the actual competition since i am not a competitive biker and it was observed by some participants and visitors that organizers should not have lumped-up those participants who are not biker by re-classifying the competition into (amateur and professional). Some of the participants have experiences in mountain and in outdoor biking.

Photo credits: Ms. Vance Madrid , San Marino FB page and Robinsons Starmills 

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