Friday, April 21, 2017

Visita Iglesia and a wonderful Holy Week vacation (Day 2)

I had a good rest last night. The room is sufficient for a person who just wants to stay locked away from the world. Just like a hermit. You have cable TV and a good internet connection. Just my ideal place maybe if I get too stressed from work.

I was even able to do some knitting during my stay. Hahaha

After an amazing breakfast courtesy of the room. We head out again into the heat of Good Friday.

The last time I saw a Penetencia (self-flagellation) was years ago. Maybe in the 2000's. And at that time the practice is not so popular in Makati. I am not sure if I should be happy to see people bleeding themselves on the street for repentance. This is our Catholic legacy that needs to end.

Penitents will flog themselves using bamboo ships and skin cut to open wounds. Blood wilol spatter on the street and I was told you must not get blood on yourself because it is bad luck.

The penitents bamboo whips are just washed in a dirty bucket and damn that is just disgusting. Going through such a process just to remove guilt is just so medieval. Well most of the Philippine mind is still medieval considering the current Duterte government and people.

First Church of the day is the Church of San Roque in Cabrera. You can see this Church as you ride the MRT near Taft avenue. It has a dome and it looks pretty decent and good for a Church at this area. It has murals of the Stations of the Cross like that in the FEU chapel.

The Church is closed but it iron grills makes it still possible to see inside. The Church is dedicated to that saint whose origin is disputed and many have claimed is just a legend.

San Roque Church
Address: Cabrera Street; 1303 Pasay City

The next Church was a little harder to find since the arrow at the area points in the wrong way. This is another modern Church and has an interesting architecture. That means it looks just like a big Mausoleum at a cemetery. This is the Church of San Rafael. It is dedicated to the Archangel Rafael.

Then we passed some old houses in the area. Some are just majestic that you can forget that you are in Pasay famous for its slums and smelly canals and poverty all over the place.

This time with all the walking from yesterday and still some walks today my stupid feet started hurting.

We are now at Sta. Clara de Montefalco Church. This was in the olden times the Parish where my current Church (San Ildefornso) was part of a long time ago. It is dedicated to another Sta. Clara.

Sta. Clara de Montefalco Parish Church
Address: 2360 Burgos St, Pasay, Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 831 6012

The next Church is the Our Lady of Sorrows Church. This is where I was baptized as a Catholic along time ago. This Church has a wonderful copy of the Pieta on the altar. The Church burned in 2007.

Our Lady of Sorrows Church
Address: 2130 F.B. Harrison St, Pasay, Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 831 8293

By this time My feet can't take it anymore. This our last stop. This is the San Isidro Church along Taft Ave. The Stained glass are nice and the altar is interesting because of the use of plants and Mary and John are standing next to each other.

We stayed for about 30 minutes because my feet are just annoying me. We head back to our temporary heaven at Asiatel Hotel.

We get to watch more cable TV, surf the internet and then get lots of sleep and naps. Also the water is just amazing for showers. they have hot and cold water, which is a luxury for many people in Metro Manila.

Asiatel Airport Hotel
Address:Aurora formerly Tramo Road, cor. Andrews, Aurora Blvd, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Near Resorts World Manila, NAIA Terminal 3.
Contact numbers are: (02) 833-2136, 0922-283-7339, 0977-328-3313, 0921-680-9738

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