Tuesday, February 28, 2017

CARACOL 2017: Dancing for Nature

Caracol is one event that was always near me but not quite. Caracol as far as I remember was done in Bangkal during the feast day of San Ildefonso. But being an active member of church when I was young, I was already in church during the whole event.

The origin of the name was derived from the Spanish word,” caracol” means “snail.” It’s hard to say whether the Caracol Festival was named because of its associations with nature, or because it cycles every year like the ridges on a snail’s shell.

According to some old-time Makati residents , the festival used to be held on the feast day of Saint Ildefonso around late January but eventually moved to late February and the usual street dancing is held in the morning but the festivities moved to Circuit Mall few years ago. The participants paraded on Hippodromo street and culminated with dance competition held at the activity area of Circuit Mall.

The participants have arrived with smile on their faces. Here are some of the special participants representing the Senior citizens. Who says they can't join in the dancing?

The event kicked off in a somewhat parade of barangays. It was led by the Makati band. Barangays are put into clusters and is either led by their own bands and their barangay captains.

This year’s board of judges includes Engineer Vizmina Osorio , Mrs. Sylvia Lichauco de Leon , Ms. Ms. Misha Quimpo , Mr. Gener Caringal , Ms. Ellen Fullido and Ms. Gemma Cruz- Araneta (serving as board).

Present also are the different officials of the City Hall led by Mayor Abby Binay.

The parade also included the different participants of the event. There are 12 competing groups this year, three in the elementary category, three in high school, and six from the barangay clusters, three for each district. Each dance group will have 30 to 40 members excluding musicians and props-men. Elementary schools which competed includes General Pio del Pilar -Main and Pembo Elementary . High School are from San Isidro High School , Makati and Bangkal High Schools.

Some of the performers also gave a preview of their performance.

Here are some of the officials and judges of the event.

The event was exciting and lively. Again with the purpose of protecting nature and also the interesting costumes. props and dances of the students. All of the contestants did their best.

There were three categories: Elemetary, High School and the Barangay Clusters. So basically everyone is a winner.

The Winners!

Elementary Category
First Place: Pembo Elementary School P120,000 + trophy
Second Place: Makati Elementary School P100,000 + trophy
Third Place: Gen. Pio del Pilar Elementary School P80,000 + trophy

High School Category
First Place: San Isidro National High School P120,000 + trophy
Second Place: Makati High School P100,000 + trophy
Third Place: Bangkal High School P80,000 + trophy

Barangay Performers
First Place: Cluster 4 P120,000 + trophy
(Guadalupe Nuevo, Post Proper Southside, Pinagkaisahan, Pitogo and South Cembo)
Second Place: Cluster 2 P100,000 + trophy
(Bangkal, La Paz, Palanan, Pio del Pilar, San Antonio, San Isidro and Singkamas)
Third Place: Cluster 1 P80,000 + trophy
(Bel-Air, DasmariƱas, Forbes Park, Magallanes, San Lorenzo and Urdaneta)

Special Awards
Best in Costume: Barangay Cluster 2 P40,000 + trophy
Best in Choreography: San Isidro National High School P40,000 + trophy
Overall Champion: Pembo Elementary School P120,000 + trophy

Best in Costume during the Parade
First Place: Wild Tigris P40,000 + trophy
Second Place: Povo Echeverri P35,000 + trophy
Third Place: Peculiar Links P30,000 + trophy

Pembo Elementary School is the overall champion for the whole event, which took home another Php 120,000 aside from the Php 120,000 that they won in the elementary category.

Again the event was a success thanks for the help of the city government, students and the barangays.

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