Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Flora de Filipinas 2017

The first edition is the Flora de Filipinas según el sistema de Linneo (1837) or  Flora de Filipinas by  Francisco Manuel Blanco (1778-1845).

Flora de Filipinas
Source: Wikipedia
Other editions of the book exists and are all highly valued. They are:

  • Flora de Filipinas. Según el sistema sexual de Linneo... Segunda impression &c., Manila: 1845.
  • Flora de Filipinas, según el sistema sexual de Linneo. Adicionada con el manuscrito inédito del. fr. Ignacio Mercado, las obras del fr. Antonio Llanos, y de un apéndice con todas las nuevas investigaciones botanicas referentes al archipiélago Filifino [sic]. Gran edicion., Manila: 1877-1883
Now its 2017 and there would be a book launch and signing of the new edition of the Flora de Filipinas by Vibal Publishing Company.

Philippine Horticultural Society Incorporated will have a mini-book signing to be scheduled on July 22, 2017 at 2:00 pm by the editor of Flora de Filipinas, Domingo Madulid, PhD.

The venue of the book signing project will be the Gancayco Hall aka (Century Hall) within Quezon Memorial Circle. Take Quezon Ave/East Ave and Serye. GANCAYCO Hall is further down going towards exit. It is near the Quezon Heritage House.

New edition of the Flora de Filipinas by Vibal Publishing Company
Source: Vibal site
The book costs Php 2,500 for the hardbound copy and Php 2,000 for the soft bound copy. There would be limited copies.

If you are interested please get in touch with the Philippine Horticultural Society Secretariat:
0927-560-0140 (loom for Ms. Angel).

This is a public service project of PHSI Education Committee. For more information about the book, Please visit the PHSI page.

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