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Visita Iglesia and a wonderful Holy Week vacation (Day 1)

It's Holy Thursday and EDSA has a massive traffic because of another road repair on the south bound lane of EDSA somewhere along the Pasay Area. This is another suffering brought to us by the government. They must be in need of another way to earn more money.

Anyways, I arrived earlier and I just wondered the area of the Baclaran Church. The Church is properly known as the National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help. This is a melting pot on places and of people. There are always people in this area.

I have noticed that jejemons or annoying people are less frequent in the morning. They usually come out at night like evil creatures. My visita iglesia started out well this year.

I never go near the altar but the details are interresting. This time I go even closer. And the line is not crazy long as I often see it.

National Shrine of Our Mother of Perpetual Help
Address: Redemptorist Road, Baclaran, Parañaque, 1702 Kalakhang Maynila
Phone:(02) 832 1150

After that we went around to search for a place to have our brunch. There are many places where you can have cheap but good food in Baclaran despite being a holiday. The area is alive and business is doing well.

Here is something I bought. No need to describe it. It's just what you can also find in other places.

We are told that Churches are near the area and so we walked to the next Church after a long brunch. The second Church is a small one called Sta. Rita de Cascia in the area still of Baclaran. It is dedicated to the miracle worker saint named Sta. Rita de Casia with her skull in hand.

Everything in the Church is new and the architecture hurried and eclectic.

Here seems to be the older parts of the Church relegated to the sides. Maybe used a long time ago but was deemed worthless by the current administration.

Here is an old bell that seems to have what remained of this small once chapel.

Sta. Rita de Casia Church
Address : Quirino Avenue, Baclaran, Parañaque City, Metro Manila
Tel. Number s – +632832 1525; +6328323505,  Telefax: 853-063

Then we walked again to the next Church and seeing many interesting things like buildings and other Churches.

A Methodist Church with a historical marker just tucked away on this Street called Quirino.

The United Methodist Church
Address: 0199 Qurino Avenue, Barangay Tambo, Parañaque City.

St. Joseph Parish is a modernist Church that is all covered in purple clothes. The Church is also closed for some weird reasons.

Saint Joseph Parish
223 Quirino Avenue, Tambo, Parañaque City

An interesting structure along the way as we walk more. The heat of the sun is just crazy.

Then we pass by what seems to be a popular old place to eat.

Along the way is a familiar Church. A friend from a long time ago invited us to this small chapel. the Chapel is called Sta. Monica. This is dedicated to the mother of St. Agustine. The Church is new as has a very interestingly shaped altar. Too bad my picture of the altar is not so good.

Sta. Monica Chapel
Address: 619 Victor Medina Street , Don Galo ,Parañaque City

It has been a long walk and we have at last reached the so called bridge that the people were talking about when we asked around.

The old welcome gate and also an old house by the river. One remnant of the old days where rich people used to live near rivers and tributaries.

There is also a marker for a local hero and writer. I have never heard of Manuel Hernandez Bernabe. Too bad so many people have forgotten his legacy.

After a few minutes of walk. Maybe around 30 minutes we reached this old and wonderful Church of Parananque or what should be best called The Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew. Currently is is the seat of the Diocese of Paranaque.

It seems the Church is the only thing that was left of the old Paranaque and its very narrow streets.

Again all of the statues inside are covered in purple clothes.

The stained glass are wonderful and has interesting details.

Cathedral Parish of St. Andrew
Address: Quirino Ave, Parañaque, 1700 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 826 1760

In front of the Church is another grand house. Like in the old days most of the rich and powerful live near the Church.

The next stop is quite far so we decided to take a jeep. Again the road continues and meanders until we reached the another Church of St. Joseph. This one older and more famous than the other.

The Church houses the famous bamboo organ by Fr. Cera.

Despite the heat of summer outside. Usually Holy week is the hottest time of the year in the country. Inside the Church the air is cool and relaxed.

The famous Bamboo Organ by Fr. Cera. Remember not all parts of the Organ is made of bamboo like some people would like to claim.

They also have an adoration chapel but its not as cool as the Church is. The airconditoner doesn't seem to be working.

St. Joseph Parish Church
Address: P. Diego Cera Avenue, Poblacion, Las Piñas City, Metro Manila
Telephone number: 8261856 / 8267718

We heard that there is another Church nearby so we decided to walk again. We saw some interesting places and even a statue of Manuel L. Quezon.

We took another jeep ride because we were told that the Church is far and we are getting a bit tired.

The last stop of the day was this Church. The newly build Church of St. Ezekiel Moreno. This is rumored to be built by the Villar. When you ask people around they call it the Church of Villar. What a weird name for a Church.

The Church is massive and seems to be hiding something under its vaults. It's still having some minor paving and cleaning but is almost 100% done.

I heard this part of the Church is a columbarium.

Santuario de San Ezekiel Moreno
Address: C5-Extension, Las Pinas
Phone: (02) 873 2922

But we passed by a small Chapel on the way and we decided to get back to it as the last stop. It seems like an old chapel on the outside but some parts are also new.

This is the Chapel of San Dionisio. Yes that Bishop that got its head cut off. This small chapel has an interesting retablo as well. Some call the Saint as Tata Dune.

The first is done and we head to our wonderful hotel - Asiatel Aiport Hotel. It's time to rest our feet and get some decent shower.

Asiatel Hotel is near the places we visited. It is one ride away from Baclaran and maybe two rides to the places and Churches we visited.

Asiatel Hotel prides itself as a 2-star hotel with a 5-star service. I can tell you their staff are amazing and will be there to help you. They are near the standards of services you can find in Japan.

Asiatel Airport Hotel
Address:Aurora formerly Tramo Road, cor. Andrews, Aurora Blvd, Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Near Resorts World Manila, NAIA Terminal 3.
Contact numbers are: (02) 833-2136, 0922-283-7339, 0977-328-3313, 0921-680-9738

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