Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tragic Theater and why we shouldn't even care

Everyone is familiar with the myth of the Manila Film Center but the myth perpetuates and becomes an urban legend that some people actually believe that hundreds of people were buried alive just to hasten the making of a Film Center as ordered by Imelda Marcos.

Recently the movie was marked with an X by the incomptent and often eclectic thinking people of the MTRCB. They said the movie was too scary. They released an uncut trailer of the movie and guess what, nothing scary about it. The special effects were not good and the acting simply bad.

See for yourself:

The movie is based on a book called by the same name by G.M. Coronel. It invest on the already famous urban legend shared by many people. Sadly many atheists also believe that the story is true. Thus many people associate something scary and at times dark with the Manila Film Center.

The book got bad reviews online and is for me a failed attempt at a fast paced horror story. Now I am not sure which is bad among the two the book or the movie but surely the book was bad.

I think having a good movie depends on how a story is told and the actors recreating things. If the movie is an imitation of the book then I say its going to be bad. Seeing John Estra acting as a priest is just a give away.

Look at the scene where people get buried in, such bad acting and special effects. Not realistic and of course not scary.

On a side note we know the story is not true because history tells us and not anecdotes or gossip that no one was ever buried in the theater.

I think Viva films is just hyping up this movie as something good but we know its not just by looking the trailer and the book it was based upon.

Save your money and watch foreign movies instead. Watch a movie because its good not because its Filipino since we know that Filipino movies are shit and crap nowadays.

Engaging with an MMFF or Pinoy movie fantard.

My views of the Filipino movie industry as it is now is not healthy or even nice. I attack it all the time in the hope that movie makers, producers and directors would change the way they make movies. The same applies to the lowest creatures called actors.

There was this interesting discourse over Facebook and I have to share them here. Read for yourself and be the judge.

Just click on the image to enlarge.

Eating with friends before the year ends (December 30, 2014)

On the sixth day of Christmas I joined my office friends for a meal and to exchange the gifts we bought for each other. We were supposed to meet in Makati but at that time of traffic and waiting we just decided to go to Greenfields.

The options are limited and we ended up eating again at Yellow Cab. We just ate and the other guys took lots of pictures of each other.

They were talking about the party I missed and I reacted in the way that I am supposed to. I said I was glad I was not there seeing the pictures taken by the AM people what they wore just brought up ideas that are just disgusting.

I got the pants I asked for and we ended up happy. This is the kind of gathering I enjoy, just sit and eat. No need for obligatory shit. Although the most stupid part of all this is the obligatory exchange gift. I remind myself next time just say no to exchange gifts. Thus this would be the last exchange gift I am going to engage in.

Last Royal Heritage Postal Tour of the year 2014

So its the last tour of the year and I am with good friends and on familiar grounds.

Going to the Post Office I pass the Metropolitan Theater now inaccessible because of something we don't even understand. I can only now view it from the outside. And now I tell myself I should have taken more pictures. But that is that.

Despite the decay of life in the theater itself around it people try to live and survive and its nice to see them live life with their pet cats and dogs.

Friday, December 26, 2014

The Philippine National Museum is FREE this HOLIDAY 2014

It would be a wonderful thing to also give something to your brain instead of your tummy with the holidays. It pays to be smart as well.

The National Museum of the Philippines will be open for free on the following dates: December 24, 30 and 31 and of course every Sunday.

Reminder they will be closed on December 25 & 26 and January 1 & 2, we are also closed on the two Mondays: December 29 and January 5 for our usual cleaning and maintenance days.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Of course my students at work are asking about Christmas and stuff. I think I will be like them, just taking a rest over the holidays. But I also told them that Christmas is not just a holiday for Christians but for everyone.

Do whatever you can or want. I sat don't buy because you have the money. Save your money for now and just wait for the good buys in the coming days.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!
Season's Greetings!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quality Circle or the circle jerk at work

The company has implemented the use of the called Quality Control Circle or just simply called the Quality Circle.

What is a Quality Circle? Accordingly it is defined as thus:

A quality circle is a group of workers who do the same or similar work, who meet regularly to identify, analyze and solve work-related problems. Normally small in size, the group is usually led by a supervisor or manager and presents its solutions to management; where possible, workers implement the solutions themselves in order to improve the performance of the organization and motivate employees. Quality circles were at their most popular during the 1980s, but continue to exist in the form of Kaizen groups and similar worker participation schemes.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dec. 21 FF Winter Solstice Meetup Party at The Open Space

What: 2014 FF Winter Solstice Meetup Party
When: Dec. 21, 2014 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Where: The Open Space, 134 Jupiter St., Makati City. (
How much: FREE!

* Join us for the last meetup of the year!
* Reminisce about 2014!
* Make plans and predictions for 2015!
* Discuss topics! (TBD)
* Play games (Party and video games)
* Eat food and drink drinks! (potluck please)

After the meetup we usually go for dinner and drinks somewhere nearby. If you’re not a meetup regular and can’t make it for the meetup but would like to go for the post meetup, please indicate on a post in the wall or comment so we can contact you.

Got questions about the meetup? Contact us at 0927 323 3532
* Newbies are welcome, and admission is free.
* Early birds get to play board/video/party games with the group.
* Look for the FF sign (or the group of smart, sexy people).
* There is no required age, religion, philosophy, or IQ level.
* Discussions are informal yet intelligent (most of the time).
* You don’t have to talk; you can just sit in and listen.

Thanks to *The Open Space* for this week's venue. Check them out online:
Facebook: /theopenspaceph
Twitter: @theopenspaceph
Instagram: theopenspaceph

Damn! I can't go to this one
RSVP: here

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The APO Heritage Postal Tour goes to the Grand Marian Parade

It was a good day and despite the warnings in the sky of dark clouds I made myself go to the tour. I made my way past the deteriorating Metropolitan Theater then under the over pass that runs in fron of the Liwasang Bonifacio.

These dogs have their home here with their furr-parents. But that is not the goal of today.

Philpost has put up their seasonal greetings once more.

Then I saw this cat one more while the rest of the guys stated to talk about the architectural importance and built of the Post Office.

Since we have a small crowd I decided to sneak them to the open court yard at the 3rd floor. I know its not allowed but the try is worth it. Then there are the lock boxes or PO boxes and they are still for rent.

We crossed the street going to the National Press Club.

I pestered some cats and took shots of them.

We then paid a visit to the statue of Queen Isabella II of Spain.

Even at this point there are many buses and even the military is here for Mary and her procession.

People are like from everywhere. And this is going to be a big parade.

People were every where, even crept up to the monuments of Plaza Mexico, the once place of the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not attending the Company's Christmas party and just doing the stuff that makes me happy.

Weeks before the company party I have already decided not to go. Sadly most of the people I know will not understand that. They would just force me to go that stupid party and I had to pretend I am going. I have to attend the so called practice for a song number. Rather it was a song and dance number. Yes with those annoying songs of Christmas. Something many Pinoy so love which I so hate and despise.

Days passed and I became stressed and unhappy. I kept eating shit and stuff. I pretended and forced myself to attend the most with what I can. I never bought anything to wear with a theme of Fashion Forward. On which I have no idea what means. But it was better than the abominable suggestion and chismis of the 80s fashion. Yuck!

I woke up a bit earlier on Saturday. I didn't even care where the part is going to be. All I cared about is the Buddhist talk I am going to attend and the little party at the Kasa Boix. I was more worried if I will be able to play the banduria well.

I then switched my phone to airplane mode so that texts would be blocked. I went to Glorietta with an umbrella, the crochet table runners and my banduria. The traffic was heavy but at least I made it to Starbucks on time.

It was an interesting talk with other peopel joining us about Buddhism, There was this agnostic with his Catholic friend, a Japanese lady, Ernest, and a born-again Pastor. It was an interesting mix of people who wanted to listen to Buddhism until the pastor spilled the beans. At 4 pm I bid goodbye to my friends because I had to go to Kasa Boix.

My friend John made it at the place when I was not there anymore. I don't know what interesting thing have happened when I was gone.

Travel was easy from MRT to LRT until Quiapo. I made it a few minutes before 5 pm. Its a small crowd of familiar good faces but I will be happier here. We may not have lots of food but being surrounded with good people is way better than being surrounded by fake people and good food. I enjoyed the songs and ceremony. I shared two songs for the night and it was fun playing the banduria once again.

The food tasted good and the stories and song much sweeter than anything. It was the official lighting of the Kasa Boix. Then I went home tired and happy.

Thank God I decided not to attend the party. Now I am intent of not attending any office party or even outings. I would invoke my right not to attend.

Friday, December 12, 2014

The Ortigas Post Office under construction (December 10, 1014)

I have not been posting mails for weeks now because I was just lazy. I am slowing down on my hobby and is enjoying it more this way. It's no longer about bragging for rare countries and how cute the postcards and stamps are.

I was a bit shocked ans surprised at the changes at the Ortigas Post Office. It seems they are part of the renovations happening at Emerald Avenue.

They have taken out the post boxes. I wonder what will happen to them. Transactions are done on the side.

Is the Post Office going to be smaller? I hope their services improve as well. I hope they sell better stamps.

Book for Less experience at SM Manila

With tons of books and boexes being opened up ll the time. IT is always a surprise to go to the Book for Less sale at SM Manila. Now Book for Less made their event easier to go to. No need to go to their warehouse in Pasig.

There are tons of books to choose from. And if you are lucky you might find books you like and pay Php 20.00 for each book.

Vilamakirti Sutra Reading at the Mabuhay Temple

With bare feet I entered the Main Hall of the Mabuhay Temple located on the second floor. One can be impressed of the cleanliness and simple beauty of the Hall.

Last English Dharma Service for 2014 at the Mabuhay Temple (November 23, 2014)

I was up early for this service because I missed last months Dharma service. Too bad their English service happens only once a month, so this November I attended the last English service of the year. They might resume on March 2015.

I was not able to take picture during the actual service but of the lecture that happened after wards. Many of those who attended are students of the Mabuhay Temple.

The talk was about the use of empathy on the learning of the students at the Mabuhay Temple. That is in live with the teachings of the Temple. It was a technical and yet interesting talk on the study conducted by the guest speaker.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Songs that I just listened to this week (December 10, 2014)

It's been a long time since I shared music videos. I have just recently downloaded Sido's album from last year. I have also started to listen to Stacie Orrico once more. It's too bad her album is quite delayed.

Anyhow here are some songs that I just browsed on youtube:

李榮浩 Ronghao Li - 不搭 Unsuited

Friday, December 5, 2014

Morosi Theater Manila

If you take the regular LRT rides you will see this interesting ruins between Gil Puyat (Buendia) station and Vito Cruz. You will not miss it because it tends to stand out among the other structures that surround it.

It's always mentioned in many forums but few people can tell me about its history and the internet lacks any information about it.

One of the things I heard is that after the World War II. The theater was converted into a car repair shop and now seeing it again with its walls trying its hard to stand and its facade still battling the weather. I can see that structures inside were torn down.

What will ever happen to this Art deco building near Buendia? From the smart and nice people of Manila Nostalgia I was able to learn that this building is called the Morosi Theater.

What kind of Theater was the Morosi Theater? How many people in it have died and also found love and inspiration from watching a play or a movie?

Terror de Manila on the rise

Despite the orders from the government it seems the construction of the DMCI's Torre de Manila continues. I take frequent trips to Manila everyday and it seems their construction doesn't only happen at night but also now in the morning.

So what is my take on this. Thinking hard about it, I realized that I don't care. It doesn't matter to me at all. If Manila doesn't value its law then that is the reflection of how they understand and want the law to be implemented. What can a slaktivist do? Post on Facebook and Twitter? As if posting will stop the construction. Even government and concerned agencies can't do anything.

If the government can't do anything then I will pretend not that I can do something.

So as early s today I congratulate DMI for being such an asshole and the winner of this fight. I wonder how much they have spent on this building.