Sunday, December 21, 2014

Quality Circle or the circle jerk at work

The company has implemented the use of the called Quality Control Circle or just simply called the Quality Circle.

What is a Quality Circle? Accordingly it is defined as thus:

A quality circle is a group of workers who do the same or similar work, who meet regularly to identify, analyze and solve work-related problems. Normally small in size, the group is usually led by a supervisor or manager and presents its solutions to management; where possible, workers implement the solutions themselves in order to improve the performance of the organization and motivate employees. Quality circles were at their most popular during the 1980s, but continue to exist in the form of Kaizen groups and similar worker participation schemes.

The boss just zapped Mr. Jeff Kang (the one who replaced Ms. Rachel Kim) just like the way most employees are kicked out if the company feels the need to remove so called workers. I have never learned if this is just conflict with the boys or if the manager was insufficient according to the chismis flying around of course headed by Team Tivoli.

As I see it, the so called Quality circle is just a mere excuse for the company of not being able to monitor and check calls properly. As my stress and worries about the ridiculous and often stupendous demands for the so called quality, I am truly justified with my beliefs as the days go by.

I also think of calling the company idea with  better term - CIRCLE JERK

Meetings were done with people having no complete idea of what needs to be done. The so called training or whatever was too short and not even everyone was there to attend. The guidelines are not that easy to follow considering the realities of the job.

One thing that gets me the most is the stupid obsession with time. We are allowed they say to make a call at least two minutes after the actual time. Let's say my call is at 3 PM. I should be able to connect with the students line before 3:02 PM then afterwards it will be a late call.

To make matters worse is that the so called quality demands that called made after the 31st second is a no no. Thus nullifying the idea of the late call policy established by the company.

Now the focus of the work goes into the least important detail, the duration of the call and when the call was made. Almost instantly I see the standards of the call drop like shit on the toilet bowl. Considering that many teacher's don't really make proper calls. That means they are not even teaching what must be taught in class.

But not being too bad, I have heard the so called teachers react with the same expression. Why put so much emphasis on time rather than quality and how a class is handled. I think that the Quality Circle should not be as it is but more of a training on student psychology, teaching methodologies and proper ways of dealing with how to teach an idea to an ESL learner.

I am an introvert and the idea of working with people I don't like is just hell for me. But I have no choice. I pity those people who are assigned as leaders and secretaries because now they have an additional job that is not on their job description.

I also predict that there would be more consequences to this so called circle jerk than meets the eyes.

Well, I will just be passive as I can and work like a fucking freeloader on the group job. Why the fuck should I make my life harder with things I should not even worry about.

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