Friday, December 5, 2014

Morosi Theater Manila

If you take the regular LRT rides you will see this interesting ruins between Gil Puyat (Buendia) station and Vito Cruz. You will not miss it because it tends to stand out among the other structures that surround it.

It's always mentioned in many forums but few people can tell me about its history and the internet lacks any information about it.

One of the things I heard is that after the World War II. The theater was converted into a car repair shop and now seeing it again with its walls trying its hard to stand and its facade still battling the weather. I can see that structures inside were torn down.

What will ever happen to this Art deco building near Buendia? From the smart and nice people of Manila Nostalgia I was able to learn that this building is called the Morosi Theater.

What kind of Theater was the Morosi Theater? How many people in it have died and also found love and inspiration from watching a play or a movie?

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Anonymous said...

It was recently bought and torn down by a trucking company. I was probably the first to post Morosi Theater at the Manila Nostalgia FB group. You are right, not much about it's origins are known except that it was an art-deco movie house probably erected in the early 30s. Post-WW2 it became the Van Ness Motor Works Shop. Now, it's all just memories.