Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Royal Heritage Postal Tour of the year 2014

So its the last tour of the year and I am with good friends and on familiar grounds.

Going to the Post Office I pass the Metropolitan Theater now inaccessible because of something we don't even understand. I can only now view it from the outside. And now I tell myself I should have taken more pictures. But that is that.

Despite the decay of life in the theater itself around it people try to live and survive and its nice to see them live life with their pet cats and dogs.

The place is packed with a lot more collectors of stamps, postcards, coins, paper money, books and so much more. This scene is before the start of the auction.

We looked at the place and met some of its cat residents. Some cats are really friendly while some are just hard to even catch a picture with.

After looking at the Post Boxes and lingering a little to check some of the items for auction we headed for the National Press Club.

The National Press Club is home to a tile mosaic that tells the history of communication and transfer of data made by Galo Ocampo. Seen also here is a lotus plant and papyrus.

We then dropped a little visit to Puerta Isabel and the statue that has moved the most here in Manila - the century old statue of Isabella II of Spain.

Then to PLaza Mexico with the ruins of the Intandencia looms like an unfinished thing of the past. Plants are growing here and there with lichen and moss. The is the statue of the former president of Mexico and the commemorative monument to the Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade.

Next stop is the Maestranza walls and the Royal warehouse. There is nothing much to see here but walls and empty spaces. Nothing to indicate that this place was once full of treasures from around the world.

We passed by the Ayutamiento then to the Manila Cathedral to see its has made an interesting Christmas tree using vertical gardening of ferns.

Last stop before going back to the Post Office is the Manila Collectible Co. They sell things that are local and historically relevant to Filipino culture. They have chocolate, bread spread, coffee, traditional clothing, accessories and now more art work featuring religious images.

Then of course the best thing in the TMCC is the view at the Manila Cathdral's back and the rest of Intramuros.

It seems there is still some work to be done with the Manila Cathedral. As with seen with this man doing some minor work.

There there is a short stop at the construction of the San Ignacio Church which would be an Ecclesiastical museum. Honestly the work done is not true to the original and some of the material of choice and how the facade looks is cheap. It looks really cheap.

We headed back to the Post Office to see that set-ups are made for the making of the music video of James Reid. Most of the old folks are clueless about the young kid.

As the dark crept in and the smoke rise James Ried from a distanced danced his way while lip syncing his song. The guy is nothing but the face and body. No real talent whatsoever.

While he was dancing we were eating a small feast set-up by the members of the Filipinas Stamp Collectors Club. That was fun and the few Christmas meals I enjoyed without the bullshit of the need to be happy or whatever.

Then I took this last shot as I went to Rizal Park to meet my atheists friends.

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