Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Eating with friends before the year ends (December 30, 2014)

On the sixth day of Christmas I joined my office friends for a meal and to exchange the gifts we bought for each other. We were supposed to meet in Makati but at that time of traffic and waiting we just decided to go to Greenfields.

The options are limited and we ended up eating again at Yellow Cab. We just ate and the other guys took lots of pictures of each other.

They were talking about the party I missed and I reacted in the way that I am supposed to. I said I was glad I was not there seeing the pictures taken by the AM people what they wore just brought up ideas that are just disgusting.

I got the pants I asked for and we ended up happy. This is the kind of gathering I enjoy, just sit and eat. No need for obligatory shit. Although the most stupid part of all this is the obligatory exchange gift. I remind myself next time just say no to exchange gifts. Thus this would be the last exchange gift I am going to engage in.

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