Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Not attending the Company's Christmas party and just doing the stuff that makes me happy.

Weeks before the company party I have already decided not to go. Sadly most of the people I know will not understand that. They would just force me to go that stupid party and I had to pretend I am going. I have to attend the so called practice for a song number. Rather it was a song and dance number. Yes with those annoying songs of Christmas. Something many Pinoy so love which I so hate and despise.

Days passed and I became stressed and unhappy. I kept eating shit and stuff. I pretended and forced myself to attend the most with what I can. I never bought anything to wear with a theme of Fashion Forward. On which I have no idea what means. But it was better than the abominable suggestion and chismis of the 80s fashion. Yuck!

I woke up a bit earlier on Saturday. I didn't even care where the part is going to be. All I cared about is the Buddhist talk I am going to attend and the little party at the Kasa Boix. I was more worried if I will be able to play the banduria well.

I then switched my phone to airplane mode so that texts would be blocked. I went to Glorietta with an umbrella, the crochet table runners and my banduria. The traffic was heavy but at least I made it to Starbucks on time.

It was an interesting talk with other peopel joining us about Buddhism, There was this agnostic with his Catholic friend, a Japanese lady, Ernest, and a born-again Pastor. It was an interesting mix of people who wanted to listen to Buddhism until the pastor spilled the beans. At 4 pm I bid goodbye to my friends because I had to go to Kasa Boix.

My friend John made it at the place when I was not there anymore. I don't know what interesting thing have happened when I was gone.

Travel was easy from MRT to LRT until Quiapo. I made it a few minutes before 5 pm. Its a small crowd of familiar good faces but I will be happier here. We may not have lots of food but being surrounded with good people is way better than being surrounded by fake people and good food. I enjoyed the songs and ceremony. I shared two songs for the night and it was fun playing the banduria once again.

The food tasted good and the stories and song much sweeter than anything. It was the official lighting of the Kasa Boix. Then I went home tired and happy.

Thank God I decided not to attend the party. Now I am intent of not attending any office party or even outings. I would invoke my right not to attend.

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