Thursday, December 18, 2014

The APO Heritage Postal Tour goes to the Grand Marian Parade

It was a good day and despite the warnings in the sky of dark clouds I made myself go to the tour. I made my way past the deteriorating Metropolitan Theater then under the over pass that runs in fron of the Liwasang Bonifacio.

These dogs have their home here with their furr-parents. But that is not the goal of today.

Philpost has put up their seasonal greetings once more.

Then I saw this cat one more while the rest of the guys stated to talk about the architectural importance and built of the Post Office.

Since we have a small crowd I decided to sneak them to the open court yard at the 3rd floor. I know its not allowed but the try is worth it. Then there are the lock boxes or PO boxes and they are still for rent.

We crossed the street going to the National Press Club.

I pestered some cats and took shots of them.

We then paid a visit to the statue of Queen Isabella II of Spain.

Even at this point there are many buses and even the military is here for Mary and her procession.

People are like from everywhere. And this is going to be a big parade.

People were every where, even crept up to the monuments of Plaza Mexico, the once place of the Manila-Acapulco galleon trade.

Fort Santiago was the meeting place for the images of Mary before the parade, lots of devotees of Mary here and there. Some are knights of the altar, some women and men wearing costumes as devotions and people busy putting flowers and decorations. It's like a scene before the war.

Mary Help of Christians and St. John Bosco.
This is the first time that the Salesians are joining the parade.

Indeed Mary is represented in many ways and called by many names. And God her clothing alone is something to admire then there are her jewels and acessories.

So this a clear sign that Catholicism is not going anytime soon.

And I thought that was it and yet there are more images coming in as I was going home.I didn't join the parade because of my fear of the huge crowd.

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