Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Tragic Theater and why we shouldn't even care

Everyone is familiar with the myth of the Manila Film Center but the myth perpetuates and becomes an urban legend that some people actually believe that hundreds of people were buried alive just to hasten the making of a Film Center as ordered by Imelda Marcos.

Recently the movie was marked with an X by the incomptent and often eclectic thinking people of the MTRCB. They said the movie was too scary. They released an uncut trailer of the movie and guess what, nothing scary about it. The special effects were not good and the acting simply bad.

See for yourself:

The movie is based on a book called by the same name by G.M. Coronel. It invest on the already famous urban legend shared by many people. Sadly many atheists also believe that the story is true. Thus many people associate something scary and at times dark with the Manila Film Center.

The book got bad reviews online and is for me a failed attempt at a fast paced horror story. Now I am not sure which is bad among the two the book or the movie but surely the book was bad.

I think having a good movie depends on how a story is told and the actors recreating things. If the movie is an imitation of the book then I say its going to be bad. Seeing John Estra acting as a priest is just a give away.

Look at the scene where people get buried in, such bad acting and special effects. Not realistic and of course not scary.

On a side note we know the story is not true because history tells us and not anecdotes or gossip that no one was ever buried in the theater.

I think Viva films is just hyping up this movie as something good but we know its not just by looking the trailer and the book it was based upon.

Save your money and watch foreign movies instead. Watch a movie because its good not because its Filipino since we know that Filipino movies are shit and crap nowadays.

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