Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What I feel today

It's rainy, lots of annoying self-centered people, stupid people and yes people around.

I just want to...

Put on headphones just to drown the bad vibes.

Colored ribbons and sometimes your Facebook profile

There are many causes and things that are dear to our hearts, it could be anything from supporting reproductive health, aboirtion, cancer, violence against women and children, or pets. everyone of them will try to use a ribbon to show their support. This was the fad before and now with the advent of social media, people wll tell you to change your profile picture for the cause.
Picked your colored ribbon?
I don't

Change your profile picture to show how you care and to also see how it can really affect society as a whole. But like the ribbon campaign this one was a novel idea but have become over used and at times abused online. Remember that time when people changed their pictures into cartoon characters against child abuse? I never learned the child abus thing but I changed my profile picture because I like Garfield and never because I cared about abused children and stuff like that.

Now whenever someone asks me to change my profile picture or even use a badge with my picture. I do what I do most of the time. I never listen. My profile picture is what I want it to be. Be it Mario Maurer or a cat stairing at the moon I am the master of my profile no matter how many causes I support. I support my cause with real help and not just by changing profile pictures and ribbons.

I hate rainy days (Part II)

Ok its rained quite a lot today. The sound of the rain woke me up quite a lot too. I hate the noise the rain makes when it hits roofs, the ground or anything.

Big drops of water poured and the streets will be as murky and disgusting as ever. With the Filipino culture of throwing anything or everything anywhere. It's just a matter of time when the sewers will be clogged again or the streets be filled with shit that will just make your skin crawl.

It's also have to walk without getting your feet or back legs splattered with mud or worst whatever people have spit or have thrown on the streets.

Walking from Sampaloc as well as some parts Ortigas was kind of hard. Well I try my best to walk carefully and slowly. You know what I mean.

Then I arrived at work pissed as usual with all the stress of keeping my feet and legs clean as I can. The elevevator is crowded at this time. With idiotic and annoying Online Teachers. Our building BTW is full of Academies teaching kids in Korea how to speak English but not how to think. Well most of these self proclaimed teachers don't have a right to be even called teachers. I just call them good language models (but I think those words don't even suffice most of the time).

I wasn't able to get off my floor again because these idiots keep blocking the door of the elevator. And then I made it to work when I saw the most annoying people at work making loud noises at the restroom. It has become their hobby to wash their feet at the restroom these times of the year.

I bet the floor of the restorrom is flooded again with their shit and their bad vibes and idiocity.

Osong puti

Humuhungas mula sa ulan
Hinahabol ang oras
Madaling bubuksan
Kahon na minamahal

Para sa malamig na hangin
Para sa malamig na haplos
Pawis namumuo
Damit ay lugmok ng katas

Paano nga ba ang buhay
Kung may isang oso
Na sanay sa taglamig
Dito sa Ekwador

Pero sakim ang oso
Sarili ang nais iligtas
Bahala na ang lahat
Basta ako ay mabuhay lang!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Exposed pictures of people

Every once in a while the bored people of the Philippines after watching their mindless dramas on TV, Korean and local plus whatever shit cinemas show will talk about scandals and be shocked as if they have not seen porn. Honestly, I am too sick and tired of these moralist who say this and that.

So what I am talking about? This pageant winner and actor.

Aren't we a bored people who worry about useless things? Facepalm

Someone worst than you

In life there is always someone better than you at anything. The awkward thing is that someone might be more annoying than you. I admit that I rant like crazy all over the internet but some people are just annoying so I just had to rant about it on Facebook, Twitter and here on blogger.

So there is this person from a swap group online. She is the most anooying bitch ever. She complains about this and that and parades like an idiot when she get something she thinks is cool. Everytime I go to the group swap and see her post there is a big chance she has another complain about her life. I just wsh she stop swapping online or better yet STFU!

Her and the noisy bitches at work!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Separation of Church and State

Source: Facebook
The Philippines being the last bastion of the Catholic Church is in the midst of a big battle for power. I don't really get the idea or even the reason why the Church is always asked their opinions about anything. With the final battles for the implementation of the RH Law. The Church is really desperate and is using all its resources on a meaningless thing called a fetus but is just willing to toss aside the rest of the other issues.

For me it is the duty of the Church to teach its followers about the Bible and not the State. It seems they forgot their real work on this planet. That is to preach the Good News of the Lord instead of being the Lords of this world.

Well looking at the other side, if the State does teach about the Bible, then I know where we will go with this - the death of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. Either way it could be a loss for the Church.

I just wish sometimes they use their heads and think harder before they open their mouths.

Without subtitles

This is me all the time.
Sometimes when I download movies without subtitles. Some foreign movies are just out there are is simply without a subtitle in English. But that doesn't discourage me at all. I would try to still watch and guessing here and there what is happening.

There is this Japanese movie that I really like named "Kimi to Boku (You and I)" based on a comic. Its about a cat and his human that is why I liked it. Until this day I was never able to find a decent subtitle for the movie. And I still watch the movie whenever I see the file on the computer.

Life is like that for me. Some people talk and I have no idea what they are saying, most of the time. I have no problem if they are topics like science, atheism or what have you but when it comes to understanding peeople and the things they do its like watching a foregin movie without subltiles. You end up guessing most of the time.

Words are wind

The way people use and interact wth words fascinate me more than anything. It is often how people use words to communicate what they have in mind also control or even persuade others.

In my life I have met so many people who have said they would never leave me and will always be a friend. Now most of those people have become strangers. I have become a stranger to the world. Now I live alone in a place where I don't even belong. No one has even given any rats ass about it.

Truly words are meaningless in this sense. Now I just want to see and never hear any bullshit.


Despite the passing of the RH Law the Church still puts up a good fight and will not stop at anything. Now for sometime debates and arguments are raised again, the same old arguments posed on Congress and even the Senate. The battle seems never to end at all.

I think this cartoon explains well the idea of what the Church thinks about the RH Law. 

Source: Butthurt Philippines
More funny stuff at Butthurt Philippines

Friday, July 26, 2013

Visiting an old work place

Packed with ten turons (sweetened fried bananas but like wrapped Shanghai Rolls) I went to my old company to get a postcard that a co-worker sent when she was in Indonesia. That was nice of her.

Going to an old place, I mean where you used to work is like reliving something. As if you can still remember things, like when you try to remember what you saw in your dreams after waking up. I used to work with another Online Korean Academy in Ortigas.

I was worried that I look bad or something. The company is now smaller due to mismanagement by the previous Korean manager but is still packed with students who take one-on-one tutorial classes.

My friend gave me my postcard and I gave her turons. It was a nice experience.

Back of postcard

Front of postcard

The 34th Manila International Book Fair

I think its good that they posted their event schedule this early. This event will be a good one for people who like books and have tons of spare money. It is also a nice venue to buy lots of Christian books since they are the cheapst finds in this event. A lot of Pinoy books will be out as well and most will be at discount. Though I really wish they sel their books cheaply than compared to when you have a sale on the malls.

Anyways see the schedule. If you have a small salary like mine, now is a good time to save money on books.

Source: Facebook Page of the 34th MIBF

This coming weekend

People are always excited for Fridays and weeekends but its always the same thing all the time for me. So I am not even excited.

I may go to Makati and get the postcards I swapped with or is sent through Postcrossing. Then visit my cats Fred and Pokpok.

I want to passs by the Manila Collectible Company again and buy something. Go to the post office and put some postcards on the box.

And most of the time will be sent doing and looking at anything online especially Facebook.

I wonder now if the rain is gonna last long.

I still have a lot of cleaning to do, reading as well as movies to watch.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oras ng Katotohanan

We know there is none!
Remember that weird show Oras ng Katotohanan (Hour of Truth) on Channel 13? Nope I bet very few knew what it is. It is supposed to be a program about the Truth, you know some people babbling about stuff about Jesus and the Bible. (They also have a radio program. lolz)

Well at work we have our very own version of this show. We just call it Oras ng Kabobohan (Hour of Stupidity) and my God it can last for more than an hour.

I bet you have the same scenario and people in your life. There is this group of people who you think just cheated their way to college and never really graduate. You know! The ones who have a combined IQ of 100 and total weight on ten thousand tons. The ones who think that being ignorant and stupid is cute, the ones you want to see dead.

This program happens all weekday and during work hours. Hosted by our very smart and energetic Daldalita and her charms of asking very relevant questions like: Huh?, Paano yan? (How did you do that?), Bakit ganyan? (Why is it like that?) etc. After you have explained the same thing after a hundred times and be sure she will ask the same question until the end of time.

On the show are her equally talented and smart friend who for some weird reason try to dress and talk the same way as each other (but intelligence differs significantly). They also like to read and watch the same mindless things jejemons (that is loser is Filipino) so hold dear in their hearts.

We have Bechay who is forever hungry and always wants to stuff food in her mouth. She can't wear jeans now because I think none fits her so she wear those cloth thingy that women like so that there is enough space to expand after eating, I think those are called maternity dress. And yes by the looks of her tummy it seems she is either a drunkard or is having a baby.

Then we have Liver Lover Girl who despite being skinny has the biggest mouth of all. In Filipino we have an expression called malaki ang atay (one who has big liver) for people who seem to have been born with a megaphone in their vocal chords. She also has the ability to kick like a horse whenever telling her stories.

We have Masining to the list. She is so finicky about this and that and makes sure every place is squeaky clean except her face. She has the same appetite now as with Bechay since they always eat together. She talks so little compared to Daldalita and thus seems lower in intelligence to Daldalita. She also likes to initiate the buying of mindless fashion stuff in the group.

Then the last of all is Buki-buki (sounds Japaneesy eh). She is the most timid of all the members of this interesting cast of actors. She is beautiful and is the most quiet of all. This one has the balancing skills of a clown and tends to be out of this world. She seems to have just come from another reality and still coping with the world now.

So you see work is never a dull when the program starts. You know it has begun when you hear them talk and your brain starts melting.

BTW there is an occasional guest in this show. There is Baby Boy as well as Shone and Nam. I think Baby Boy needs an article all of his own.

Rosalind Franklin on #GoogleDoodle

Source: google

Hooray for Google for always featuring important people, or people that done something and yet most people often forget because of the information overload and all the drama we have to cope up with Facebook and Twitter.

Let us spare a time for Rosalind Franklin! *clap clap clap*

A royal baby comes

He will thus be called His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge or also George Alexander Louis, that is the new talk of the town. The bouncing baby boy of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Well I am just interested with the commemorative items that has been made for this person and then I remember people talking of we are all born equal. Well this news alone affirms we are not!

A joyous occasion for many Royalist and people who swear by such. I am not! I would be really interested if they released stamps. So far my reserch on Google gave me nothing... lolz

Welcome to the world George, you are so lucky to be royal...

More news here


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A new regulation from above

The A/C has been fixed but a regulation was put that it must not allowed to be really cold like before. But knowing people in the company this will just be for a few days and then winter will be upon me and friends again.

Well at least its not that HOT!

The piling of laundry

This should be my mantra.
I woke up this morning with the pile of laundry tumbled on the floor. I must have kicked them again last night. The problem with living alone is that house work is never done. You had to clean and tidy up once in a while and also the laundry never ends.

Sometimes I wish the laundry to do themselves at times. Or that I have a washing machine but that would be problematic - electricity. So I had to do my laundry by hand. I don't trust laundromats and they might do worse than me with laundry. Besides I am too ashamed to ask people to see or even do my laundry.

So the pile sit there; waiting to be done. BTW I fold my dirty laundry now.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

State of the Nation Address 2013

I think it has just become another media over kill over what the Senators and Congress people and the rest of their harem is going to wear rather than what they are going to say. We know that most of what the Pesident says here is just a collection of crap and stage drama. Nothing to report about accomplishments and things to be done.

When showbiz marries politics everything crumbles and falls apart. There is not even a space for honesty but all talk.

I like tweets of @senmiriam:

Tweets of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

So if you wanna stress yourself here are the transcrips in Tagalog and English.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Royal Heritage Postal Tour (July 22, 2013)

It was another bright and sunny Sunday. I was really interested for today's tour. I went first to SM to have a drink because I know I need tons for the day. I passed by the back of the Metropolitan Theater for the two famous sculptures of Francesco Riccardo Monti at the back. It was hidden by buses and trees. 

Sculpture by Francesco Riccardo Monti

The other sculpture of Francesco Riccardo Monti. Quite revealing too. 

I imagine this gate would be a wonderful back entrance to performers as they are greeted by this two women sculptures. The grill works are interesting as well as the designs on the gate.

They opened up today's fountain in front of the Post Office this time. It is a nice and cool welcome to the participants of the Royal Heritage Postal Tour which I just call the Postal Tour for convenience.

Side picture of the fountain and the Post Office

A better view of the Post Office. 

The cleaner and better Bonifacio Monument

The great hero Andres Bonifacio, who will soon celebrate hsi 150th death Anniversary. 
There were a good number of participants this time. I think this is because of the documentary last Monday (July 15th, 2013) on i-Witness titled Anino sa Dilim (Shadow in the Dark) about the Metropolitan Theater. It is a good sign for today that many are curios about the MET and the state of its so called restoration.

Some participants with Rence Chan

Another view of the participants. 

The whole group in front of the Bonifacio Monument. The area around is called Liwasang Bonifacio.
The tour starts with some introductions and greetings by the participants and some of the hosts (me and others).  After the greetings and picture taking in front of the Bonifacio Monument we proceeded to the flag pole in front of the Post Office.

Rence our tour guide talked about the significance of the flag pole and how it continues to be a part of history to this day. Recently, Noynoy Aquino had his Independence Speech in Liwasang Bonifacio, the same place used by his mother, Cory Aquino for her rallies back then.

Rence talking about the historic flag pole. 
Inside the Post Office where it was quite cool despite the heat of the noon sun, the auction or bourse is happening where you can buy a lot of philatelic items and some more. There are also other sellers who sell similar collective stuff for a cheap price.

There was also a short lecture and talk about the Post Office and Stamp collecting by Rey Ong de Jesus.

Mr. Rey Ong De Jesus giving a short talk to participants. 
Mr. Rey also gave a tour of the Post Boxes at the basement of the building. These post boxes are interesting in and of themselves. You can rent these beautiful boxes for Php1,000 (for the small one) and Php 2,00 (for the big one).

Beautiful Post Boxes!

There is also a tour inside and around the Post Office compound. I didn't take pictures of them in this tour. The places visited were the Museum and Library building as well as the backside of the Post Office. Like many old buildings there are the resident cats who litter the place with poop.

One of the beautiful residents of the Post Office

Next we were off to the Manila Press Club. An interesting piece of architecture with a clear view staircase and earthquake proof buildings. The most interesting part of the building is the mosaic done by Galo Ocampo. (Sorry no pictures again hehehe...)

Water Lily at the Manila Press Cub

There was a meeting at the Manila Press Club when we went there. Lots of high spirited people there. There is also a monument dedicated to the victims of the Maguindanao Massacre on the site. According to one of the participants, every year some of the Press media gather here to remember their fallen comrades.

The next stop is Puerta Isabel, where a statue of Queen Isabella II can be found. On the said site the old Tranvia lines of Manila would pass going into the walled city. After taking pictures and immersing in history and stories of Isabella we went to plaza Mexico.

This is where the Galleon Trade would be done. It was the first place that greeted Galleons as they go in the Philippines carrying their goods and trades. There are lots of interesting tid bits of buildings in here like the Aduana (or the Intandencia) still an imposing building despite in ruins.

We went inside also the Maestranza Walls through the Royal Warehouses where goods were stored after being inspected at the Aduana.

Posing with Tatang (Adolfo López Mateos)

Adolfo López Mateos by Luis Antonio Sanguino
 In front of the Aduana is Plaza Espana where you can see a statue of King Philip II for whom the country was named. (Sorry I owe you guys tons of pictures....)

Beautiful yellow flowers grow on the Aduana.

A yellow tabby just around the streets on Intramuros.

We were given a special tour of the newest and interesting place in Intramuros called The Manila Collectible Company (TMCC)by its very perky and bubbly owner Charice. She gave us a talk about Filipino culture and the things found at her shop. She has stuff that are reproductions of the ling ling-o, the Golden Tara as well as the Laguna Copper Plate. She also sells native products with colorful and interesting designs. You can also buy local and organic products at her shop. Many are talking about their amazing coffee and wine. (Next time I will do a much detailed feature of her shop.).

Her shop has a view deck that has a nice back view of the Manila Cathedral.

The dome of the Manila Cathedral taken from TMCC.

The bell tower of the Manila Cathedral

This is the closest view of the Manila Cathedral ever.
TMCC gave us samples of their food and drinks. I encourage you to try them because most of the them are also helping indigenous groups of the country. The water and the snacks at the TMCC saved us because the heat was too much today. Most of the participants had a good rest and some cold air at the place.

We made it to the Bahay Tsinoy at around 5 PM as they were closing. They were kind enough to let us in for ten minutes to see their lobby, get free Newspaper and buy souvenir at their shop. There are shells and natural rocks at the lobby as well as replica of the terracotta warrior from China.

Poor cats scavenging

Another street cat somewhere in Liwasang Bonifacio

Sampaguita by Isabelo Tampinco

Rence Chan with FEU students

Lovely sky at the MET
The last stop and th highligh is of course, the Manila Metropolitan Theater. We started the tour from the top (fourth floor to the ground). The permit to visit the place was almost cancelled but thanks to the continuous sun the rains inside the theater is almost gone.

Tons of trash and debris

One of the better rooms in the MET.

Some parts of the ochestra is now crumbling and sending pieces of rocks to the seats of the theater. Of course, there is the water at the orchestra pit as well as some frogs.

Dear reader, the MET is in ruins and is need of dire restoration. I encourage you to do the simplest thing by sharing this simple story of mine on your Facebook and Twitter.

Or maybe you may want to join our tour next month?

You can RSVP here: Royal Heritage Postal Tour (August 18, 2013)

Thank people first

So when the A/C was fixed someone exclaimed "Thank you Jesus." I think that is wrong.

We should thank the people who actually have done the job like the technicians and the workers. Thanking a non-existent object is quite meaningless and plain arrogant.


New Haircut

There are many reasons why people get haircuts. In movies when women break-up they always have a haircut and then they show it to their friends and they all say things. Mostly they say it looks great and stuff like that.

I actually never planned to get a haircut so that I can always remember the injustice that was done to me. But having long hair has its downsides like combing, hair all over your face (which most of the time has great benefits when I don't want to look at people), and the shampooing and all that.

When you get a haircut, most people want to say something about it. I kinda hate that. I didn't have a haircut to get attention because I see getting haircut as something as similar to getting your nails cut. Do you see someone compliment you on having your nails cut? Nope and so I like that to be the same with my hair. I am lucky I don't having around with idiots who compliment you with empty meaningless words.

So I had a haircut some people pointed it out, cool but that is the end of the story.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rain Haiku

the rain looks like frogs
jumping all at the same time
after jumping, gone