Monday, July 29, 2013

Separation of Church and State

Source: Facebook
The Philippines being the last bastion of the Catholic Church is in the midst of a big battle for power. I don't really get the idea or even the reason why the Church is always asked their opinions about anything. With the final battles for the implementation of the RH Law. The Church is really desperate and is using all its resources on a meaningless thing called a fetus but is just willing to toss aside the rest of the other issues.

For me it is the duty of the Church to teach its followers about the Bible and not the State. It seems they forgot their real work on this planet. That is to preach the Good News of the Lord instead of being the Lords of this world.

Well looking at the other side, if the State does teach about the Bible, then I know where we will go with this - the death of the Catholic Church in the Philippines. Either way it could be a loss for the Church.

I just wish sometimes they use their heads and think harder before they open their mouths.

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