Friday, July 26, 2013

Visiting an old work place

Packed with ten turons (sweetened fried bananas but like wrapped Shanghai Rolls) I went to my old company to get a postcard that a co-worker sent when she was in Indonesia. That was nice of her.

Going to an old place, I mean where you used to work is like reliving something. As if you can still remember things, like when you try to remember what you saw in your dreams after waking up. I used to work with another Online Korean Academy in Ortigas.

I was worried that I look bad or something. The company is now smaller due to mismanagement by the previous Korean manager but is still packed with students who take one-on-one tutorial classes.

My friend gave me my postcard and I gave her turons. It was a nice experience.

Back of postcard

Front of postcard

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