Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I hate rainy days (Part II)

Ok its rained quite a lot today. The sound of the rain woke me up quite a lot too. I hate the noise the rain makes when it hits roofs, the ground or anything.

Big drops of water poured and the streets will be as murky and disgusting as ever. With the Filipino culture of throwing anything or everything anywhere. It's just a matter of time when the sewers will be clogged again or the streets be filled with shit that will just make your skin crawl.

It's also have to walk without getting your feet or back legs splattered with mud or worst whatever people have spit or have thrown on the streets.

Walking from Sampaloc as well as some parts Ortigas was kind of hard. Well I try my best to walk carefully and slowly. You know what I mean.

Then I arrived at work pissed as usual with all the stress of keeping my feet and legs clean as I can. The elevevator is crowded at this time. With idiotic and annoying Online Teachers. Our building BTW is full of Academies teaching kids in Korea how to speak English but not how to think. Well most of these self proclaimed teachers don't have a right to be even called teachers. I just call them good language models (but I think those words don't even suffice most of the time).

I wasn't able to get off my floor again because these idiots keep blocking the door of the elevator. And then I made it to work when I saw the most annoying people at work making loud noises at the restroom. It has become their hobby to wash their feet at the restroom these times of the year.

I bet the floor of the restorrom is flooded again with their shit and their bad vibes and idiocity.

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