Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oras ng Katotohanan

We know there is none!
Remember that weird show Oras ng Katotohanan (Hour of Truth) on Channel 13? Nope I bet very few knew what it is. It is supposed to be a program about the Truth, you know some people babbling about stuff about Jesus and the Bible. (They also have a radio program. lolz)

Well at work we have our very own version of this show. We just call it Oras ng Kabobohan (Hour of Stupidity) and my God it can last for more than an hour.

I bet you have the same scenario and people in your life. There is this group of people who you think just cheated their way to college and never really graduate. You know! The ones who have a combined IQ of 100 and total weight on ten thousand tons. The ones who think that being ignorant and stupid is cute, the ones you want to see dead.

This program happens all weekday and during work hours. Hosted by our very smart and energetic Daldalita and her charms of asking very relevant questions like: Huh?, Paano yan? (How did you do that?), Bakit ganyan? (Why is it like that?) etc. After you have explained the same thing after a hundred times and be sure she will ask the same question until the end of time.

On the show are her equally talented and smart friend who for some weird reason try to dress and talk the same way as each other (but intelligence differs significantly). They also like to read and watch the same mindless things jejemons (that is loser is Filipino) so hold dear in their hearts.

We have Bechay who is forever hungry and always wants to stuff food in her mouth. She can't wear jeans now because I think none fits her so she wear those cloth thingy that women like so that there is enough space to expand after eating, I think those are called maternity dress. And yes by the looks of her tummy it seems she is either a drunkard or is having a baby.

Then we have Liver Lover Girl who despite being skinny has the biggest mouth of all. In Filipino we have an expression called malaki ang atay (one who has big liver) for people who seem to have been born with a megaphone in their vocal chords. She also has the ability to kick like a horse whenever telling her stories.

We have Masining to the list. She is so finicky about this and that and makes sure every place is squeaky clean except her face. She has the same appetite now as with Bechay since they always eat together. She talks so little compared to Daldalita and thus seems lower in intelligence to Daldalita. She also likes to initiate the buying of mindless fashion stuff in the group.

Then the last of all is Buki-buki (sounds Japaneesy eh). She is the most timid of all the members of this interesting cast of actors. She is beautiful and is the most quiet of all. This one has the balancing skills of a clown and tends to be out of this world. She seems to have just come from another reality and still coping with the world now.

So you see work is never a dull when the program starts. You know it has begun when you hear them talk and your brain starts melting.

BTW there is an occasional guest in this show. There is Baby Boy as well as Shone and Nam. I think Baby Boy needs an article all of his own.

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