Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Colored ribbons and sometimes your Facebook profile

There are many causes and things that are dear to our hearts, it could be anything from supporting reproductive health, aboirtion, cancer, violence against women and children, or pets. everyone of them will try to use a ribbon to show their support. This was the fad before and now with the advent of social media, people wll tell you to change your profile picture for the cause.
Picked your colored ribbon?
I don't

Change your profile picture to show how you care and to also see how it can really affect society as a whole. But like the ribbon campaign this one was a novel idea but have become over used and at times abused online. Remember that time when people changed their pictures into cartoon characters against child abuse? I never learned the child abus thing but I changed my profile picture because I like Garfield and never because I cared about abused children and stuff like that.

Now whenever someone asks me to change my profile picture or even use a badge with my picture. I do what I do most of the time. I never listen. My profile picture is what I want it to be. Be it Mario Maurer or a cat stairing at the moon I am the master of my profile no matter how many causes I support. I support my cause with real help and not just by changing profile pictures and ribbons.

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