Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My uncle was murdered

It is hard for me to write or even take pictures of this event until the very day my uncle - Reynaldo Reyes

The news posted on the news online are somewhat annoying and misleading. I think that is no way to write about a person who just got murdered. 

February 14, Valentines day me and the rest of the family gathered at the Church of San Ildefonso to hear the last rites for my late uncle. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Minimum Fare Php 7.50

Di ko na maalala kung kailan. Pero sabi sa balita bababa daw ang pamasahe. Ako noung araw na yon nagbayad pa rin ng Php 8.50. Di naman binalik yung piso ko.

Pero di naman totoo na ang bayad sa jip eh Php 7.50. Maraming driver di ka naman talaga susuklian. Di mo rin naman hihingin pa yung 30 sentimos mo kasi parang mukha ka naman masyadong pera kahit karapatan mo rin na hingin yon. Bad trip di ba? 

Sinubukan kong gamitin yung mga 5 setimo at 10 sentimo sa jip pero may mga driver na nagagalit pa kung bakit ka nagbayad ng ganun? As if naman nakukusensiya sila sa bawat sobra na 50 sentimo na di nila binabalik. Lubha atang magulo ang tao para maintidihan. At di naman makikinig ang driver kahit litanyahan ko pa siya ng dokumento mula sa Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. 

Ayon sa mga driver sa Pinas di pera ang 5 sentimo at 10 sentimo. 

Kaya ayun naiipon yung mga copper colored na sentimos ko kasi ang utak ng mga driver eh hanggang 25 sentimos lang. Ihuhulog sa mga munting lata na donasyon para sa mga taong may sakit. Napansin ko lang bakit parang hanggan ngayon pareho lang yung picture na nanduon sa mga lata. Wala atang masyadong may malasakit sa may karamdamang mahihirap. Pero gagastos ng bongga ang gobyerno ng milyon para sa kalusugan ng mga magnanakaw na senador at congressman. 

Kaya ayun palagi kong sinisiguro na palagi akong may saktong Php 7.50 para maging patas ang laban. Problema, kadalasan lang talaga, Php 8 lang ang meron ako. Mas mawserte ka pa kung sampu ang pera mo kasi mas mataas ang chance na kumpleto and sukli mo.

Ano man ang dahilan sa pangyayaring ito. Di ko alam. 

Lakad pa more? 

Kulang pa rin ng 25 sentimos. Sana suklian ako ng tama. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Walk with Chan Chinese New Year Tour (Part 2)

Now we are stuffed with food from Ramada hotel we go to the next part of the tour.

We head for the San Nicholas district.

At the Plaza we meet the on going street parade. There are dragons, establishments and lions. It's true Chinese New Year in Binondo is still about business.

Walk with Chan Chinese New Year Tour (Part 1)

It's the Year of the Ram or the Goat. Whatever you like. China town once again is alive with superstition and culture. There are lots of reds and mythical creatures.

There is also food and things to see.

I was early at the meeting place - Sta. Cruz Church. Many people have already gathered because I have seen many people also use this area as a meeting place for the Chinese New Year.

This is the only Church that I have seen that allows dogs to go up the altar. That is just cute and at the same time interesting. I know there are protocols that allow them not.

The Church is covered in red and Chinese decorations despite that it was Ash Wednesday yesterday. The community was allowed by the Church to use red for the Churches in the area instead of purple.

The Joy of Urban Farming at the Quezon Memorial Circle

This is the project of Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte. It's goal is to make sure that poor families will have food on their tables by encouraging urban farming.

They will teach communities on the proper ways of propagating greens that can be harvested by simple people.

They offer seeds, seedlings and even plants for their visitors.

The Quezon Heritage House at the Quezon City Memorial Circle

Right in the heart of Quezon City is one of the houses once owned by the Quezon Family. It was their rest house at New Manila. The house is 60% since most of the structure cannot be saved during the move.

The lot used to have this house is now a condo. Good thing the city of Quezon City bought the house and relocated it. Now that is one story of proper conservation. It is now a Museum and you can drop by and see the weekend house of the Quezons.

We go up the second floor like privileged visitors.

They have machuca tiles, hand painted tiles.

The Philippine Horticultural Society's Laboratory and its aim of species preservation

Headed by the humble and yet funny Ray Ong. He has started the cultivation as well as the training of people to get into laboratories for business as well as preservation of natural species of plants and flowers.

They have samples of the plants they are propagating though different means.

The death of a famewhore monster: Time to celebrate

Screen capture of Rappler

After acquiring (NOT battling) cancer because of smoking and the life of a playa. Famewhore and incessant jerk Jam Sebastian of the annoying couple called Jamich has died.

What a great relief! The family of the said monster of Philippine media said they will try all their best to save their annoying son but at the last minute decided on pulling all the plugs. Talk about inconsistency.

All of this drama was taken up by the equally decaying site called Rappler.

Other monsters and such creatures have said and visited the ailing Jam Sebastian. This includes the likes of Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino, Bo Sanchez, Hayden Kho, and so many others worthy to be sent to fiery gates of hell.

It also seems that the so called faith of this idiot Jam Sebastian was not able to save him.Despite the unending posts about God and his that he is already healed of stage 4 lung cancer. This is a strong proof that indeed there is no God. Or God just wanted peace and less bullshit on Philippine media.

Not to be outdone are his equally annoying cohorts on youtube saying goodbye and whatever as soon as the reports went out, making sure that their posts on social media are read by their fucking fantards.

Now he is dead. I am just expecting a few more ripples of his bullshit and then people of fad driven Philippines will forget the annoying and trashy ways of the couple called Jamich.

Maybe Hayden Kho will screw his GF now. As if we all care for that bullshit ever!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Horti-Kultura Extravaganza 2015: Yaman sa Paghahalaman

We started off with a little tour of some of the other places in the area. But what first started the tour was the floats that used at the opening of the show.

Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour (Part 6)

The adventures of Bulacan continues. This is the last part.

We now arrive at the Campo Santos or the cemetery owned by the Church. It is a place where many of the people of Bulacan are buried and is resting. Despite the small size it packs some interesting details and again people.

Here is the tomb of the food historian Milagros Enriquez.