Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Quezon Heritage House at the Quezon City Memorial Circle

Right in the heart of Quezon City is one of the houses once owned by the Quezon Family. It was their rest house at New Manila. The house is 60% since most of the structure cannot be saved during the move.

The lot used to have this house is now a condo. Good thing the city of Quezon City bought the house and relocated it. Now that is one story of proper conservation. It is now a Museum and you can drop by and see the weekend house of the Quezons.

We go up the second floor like privileged visitors.

They have machuca tiles, hand painted tiles.

The house uses wood gracefully.

Here is the bed of Aurora Quezon

We also have a small bed for their caretaker.

These are luggages last used by Manuel Quezon.

The Presidential bed made by Eduardo Atay of the Taller de Carpinteria. He is a famous furniture maker for the rich and privileged of the yesteryear. One cannot simply get such furniture with money. You must also have the status.

They have a film showing the life of the people during the reign of the Quezons.

In this area the Red Cross was founded.

Here we have the other room of Dona Aurora as she contracted Lung cancer but died of an ambush.

They also have a gust room for visitors.

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