Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bulacan Culinary and Heritage Tour (Part 6)

The adventures of Bulacan continues. This is the last part.

We now arrive at the Campo Santos or the cemetery owned by the Church. It is a place where many of the people of Bulacan are buried and is resting. Despite the small size it packs some interesting details and again people.

Here is the tomb of the food historian Milagros Enriquez.

This small old part of the cemetery is a nice reminder of how interesting it would have been a long time ago.

Here we go to another private house owned by some of the militant figures - the Lavas. And of course, politicians.

The current owner of the house with his nice wife welcomes us and talk about their family.

They were even so generous to share us some food. My stomach is still full from a while ago.

Another interesting house is this with its old gate. Too bad we can't go in. This is the house of Francisco Rodrigo.

Then we go into the Enriquez ancestral house.

They have props inside because they also teach other people about theater and other Bulacan art forms like the Balagtasan and the Pagpuputong.

We are given a small sample of poetry and art with the Pagpuputong. Usually coronations are done this way, with a homage to beauty with wonderful and flowery words.

Here we have Riza and the granddaugther of Tita Mila teaching us some of the foods of Tita Mila and the Katipuneros.

There is the gurgurya.

They also sell vinegar.

Here is the gurgurya flavored with the kalumata or anise plant.

There is this bread that I cannot remember the name.

The empanada de kaliskis.

We also explored the upper parts of the house and how grand it is until now.

Bulacan has this great sense of identity that is lacking with the modern city of Manila. They know their roots and they know how to say it without being pretentious of just plain stupid.

The owners explain that they want the house to be used so that it can live. I like that idea.

Still not done we go to our last destination: Euro Bakery. They featured the ensaymada and the inipit.

Again all those foods they made, most of them were given to us for free. Talk about generosity.

There is going to be another tour on April 2015. If you are interested, please do send me your queries.

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