Thursday, March 5, 2015

The death of a famewhore monster: Time to celebrate

Screen capture of Rappler

After acquiring (NOT battling) cancer because of smoking and the life of a playa. Famewhore and incessant jerk Jam Sebastian of the annoying couple called Jamich has died.

What a great relief! The family of the said monster of Philippine media said they will try all their best to save their annoying son but at the last minute decided on pulling all the plugs. Talk about inconsistency.

All of this drama was taken up by the equally decaying site called Rappler.

Other monsters and such creatures have said and visited the ailing Jam Sebastian. This includes the likes of Vice Ganda, Kris Aquino, Bo Sanchez, Hayden Kho, and so many others worthy to be sent to fiery gates of hell.

It also seems that the so called faith of this idiot Jam Sebastian was not able to save him.Despite the unending posts about God and his that he is already healed of stage 4 lung cancer. This is a strong proof that indeed there is no God. Or God just wanted peace and less bullshit on Philippine media.

Not to be outdone are his equally annoying cohorts on youtube saying goodbye and whatever as soon as the reports went out, making sure that their posts on social media are read by their fucking fantards.

Now he is dead. I am just expecting a few more ripples of his bullshit and then people of fad driven Philippines will forget the annoying and trashy ways of the couple called Jamich.

Maybe Hayden Kho will screw his GF now. As if we all care for that bullshit ever!

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